Saturday, February 1, 2014

Hello February~

Cabin fever has set in at Farming On Faith. It is cold and snowing here this morning in Missouri! It looks like all week it will be cold and Winter Storm Nika is on her way. I have the cupboards full and a stack of review books so I say, "Give it all you got~ Nika." Don't be mad at me but we might as well laugh as to cry. Right?

No matter what the weather man says ~ winter snowmen and snowflakes are coming down today. I am needing a little cheering up so I am re-arranging furniture and putting up some cheery Valentines.  Do you re-arrange furniture? I am reading "Twirl" from Patsy Clairmont right now and I knew I loved her. She re-arranges furniture all the time too. I am so in love with this book.

"If we are to decorate our day we must at times drag, pull, and lug heavy furniture of facing the truth. And the truth is, we are not in charge. Whoever said we need to hand in our badge as director of the universe was right. Relinquishment and flexibility are kissing cousins, and gratitude is their best friend." ( Patsy Clairmont -2013 Twirl)

 It has been a week full of trouble!  It seems like when I need encouraged in the faith He will send the right words or often the right book to speak to my heart~ always just what I need. "Twirl" has done just that~ encouraged me in my faith!  (Review coming soon.) 

Wow~ what a reason to celebrate today! 

In case you need another reason ~ Spring is only 46 days away. So I am packing up the gloom and enjoying these last few days of Winter. Did I just say that?

 Did you know that today is National Carrot Day, (Carrot Cake anybody?) Wedding Ring Day and Elmo's Birthday?  Happy Birthday Elmo!

"Thirty days hath September,
April, June, and November,
February has twenty-eight alone,
All the rest have thirty-one;
Excepting leap year, that 's the time
When February's days are twenty-nine."

According to the Georgian calendar, February is the second month of the year, and also the shortest month. February has 28 days until Julius Caesar gave it 29, and 30 days every four years. According to tradition, Augustus, the Roman emperor, took one day off to add one day to August, the month named after him. We now have February with 28 days, and 29 on leap years.
In the northern half of the world, February is a very cold month. There are usually sunny days that show Spring is not too far off. The Southern hemisphere usually enjoy midsummer weather during February. (Source Unknown)

I would like to have engraved inside every wedding band~ 
"Be kind to one another."
This is the Golden Rule of marriage and the 
secret of making love last through the years.
— Randolph Ray
Happy February!


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