Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mother Hen~

Oh Mama~is right! The chicken coop is coming along but not finished. My husband has been busy with wrapping up the school year at his job. I think maybe this weekend it will be finished. In the mean time~ I let my girls out on our land for the day. They stay close to the house but they are a hand full. I spent most of my day keeping them out of trouble. After years of being called a Mother Hen~I can honestly say I now am one! Baby chicks are a lot of work. I have mastered their cries and what they mean. I run when I hear the~ "I am in a life or death situation." Most the time to find out they have just managed to get themselves lost from the others. All the while I have envisioned a huge Hawk swooping from the sky to steal one of my beloved girls. That has not happened yet but they do hover over once in awhile. I have to yell like a crazy chicken lady and they take off. If a snake comes I am not sure what I will do! I let Caleb buy a machete at Wal*mart and the cashier made me carry it out. You know it is not politically correct any more for a boy to be a boy! In my world of snakes, coyotes, fox and who knows what else lurks in the shadows for my chicks~my boy can carry a machete~says this Mother Hen! 


Miss Jen said...

Very exciting!!!
Have fun with your chickens!!

Many Blessings~ Jen

Karen said...

I love chickens! Aren't they fun? We had quite a few when I was growing up. I loved it when there were lots of fuzzy babies running around...and I loved to gather the eggs.
Have fun!

The Watts Family said...

Wow that is taking the Mom thing to a whole new level hehehe!! Good Luck~ Blessings :-)



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