Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Shipshewana, Indiana

My father-in-law is recovery fine and the lab report came back as negative for cancer. We are thanking the Lord for such great news! Thank you all for your prayers. We know that prayer changes things~mostly it changes us! 
We spent the day in Shipshewana, Indiania at the Flea Market. You have never seen so many junk shops in one location. We love to go junking! We found a new American Flag and I bought an antique picture frame. My Hannah found several treasures. There was only one slight problem~it is scorching hot!  Wish I could get my Christmas shopping done now~hummmm! The prices are so cheap!
We are staying in a little motel right in the middle of the town. A nice Amish lady cleaned our room for us. Such a delight. I am always reminded that as a Christian we should do all that we do unto the Lord. She sure exemplified that by how nice and clean our little motel room appeared. What a delight she was to chat with!
Just wait until you hear this...........I just made reservations to have supper with an Amish family. Now~I know they are just people who I pray have accepted Jesus Christ as Saviour the same as me but I can't wait to share supper with them! My Brian is still sleeping so he does not not know yet......wink! But before he went to sleep he told me to make the decisions he was tired. SO~ I did. It will cost $15.00 a person which is more than I wanted to pay for supper but I could not resist. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity~right. Crystal and Nora ~I know you are both wishing you could be here. I will share my experience with you all later~I promise! It is about 4:30 and our reservation is at 6:00~I am so excited I am trying to keep my little ol' self busy until then! 
There is an Amish family across the street who have a Bakery~think I will head over there!
Hope you all have a great evening!  Stay cool!
Thoughts & Prayers~


Nora said...

I am so EXCITED for you!!! I want to here all about it. Wish I was with you, maybe some day.

Sue said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful time!
That is GREAT news about your father-in-law too!
And ya just gotta love the Amish!

April said...

You forgot to take me!!! You are at my all time ever favorite place. This is where I want to retire to!!
Have you been to Yoders Department store yet?? And you have to go eat at the Blue Gate Resturant--and if you see the buggy rides out front, look for the one that Samson pulls--he is a big black belguim. We usually stay at the Super 8 or we camp in Howe IN (on the other side of LaGrange) at the camp ground.
If you see any embarq men (telephone men) tell them I said hi--I was there phone dispatcher for years. If you are there on a Tuesay, traffic is bad but the flea market is awesome. There is also a neat quilt store there as well. And, a great little RV parts place right on the main highway that I can always find odd parts that broke on mine at.

Parisienne Farmhouse Chic said...

Carrie, you are really close to my Aunt Karin's lake cottage on Stone Lake in Middlebury..we would go to the flea market and all off the amish communities there and Vics ice cream every June when growing up.. Love it there!

The Watts Family said...

Great News and praise about your father in law! Enjoy your dinner ~Blessings Heather

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Sounds like a wonderful vacation! Now let's hear about the meal :D



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