Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Walking On Sunshine~

We had a fun summer day~

Our first cucumbers~

I am going to make another pot of new potatoes and fresh green beans.

Boys will be boys!

Our flag flying proudly on Farming On Faith.

The cattails seem to be taking over our pond. 
If anyone knows how to get rid of them we would love to hear from you! 

Our Front door.

Welcome to our front porch~pull up a chair and sip some raspberry tea!

My mouth is watering for some sweet corn~

My watermelon has little white worms on them~I hit them with 7's dust!

Okra~but I only have a couple ready. I hope I get more soon. I want to pickle them!

Our pumpkin seeds have sprouted~it will be fun to decorate this fall with our own pumpkins!

This just happens to be the first lettuce Christmas tree. 
We can't eat it fast enough. I am going to give some away!

I cleaned out my girl's coop and they enjoyed a nice treat of strawberry tops~their favorite!

It was a beautiful day at Farming On Faith. I loved having a full day home to work and play. Thought I would share it with you...................smile!


Ann at eightacresofeden said...

Carrie, it is so lovely to see all these little glimpses of Farming on Faith. It is like being taken for a guided tour of a friend's home and garden and I am one of those girls who loves house and garden tours! My neighbour always used to take me on tours of her home and country garden... it is a multi-million dollar property on the river, an architect designed barn style home filled with French style furnishings and antiques... you would love it! It featured in Vogue once and was advertised for sale in 'International Homes'.It sold recently, so I do not get to visit any more. I see you mentioned Emilie Barnes in your previous post. I love her books and as a young wife she was my mentor... I learned all my homemaking and organizational skills from her books, especially the 15 minute method. I even wrote to her to thank her and she wrote me a personal note back! I still have the note and I treasure it, it was filled with encouragement.

Kelle said...

Lovely place you have. Love your blog hints all down the sidebar.
Why not feed your extra lettuce to your chickens, ours love all we can afford to share.
Thank you for visiting our farm and for following our blog. Look forward to getting to chat with you via comments on the blogs!*wink*
Blessings through Him,
Kelle @ The Never Done Farm.

Leigh said...

Thank you so much for sharing! I love all the pics from your farm. By the way, I found the URL for your button and put it on my site. For some reason part of the right side is getting cut off; just a little bit, all the text is still visible. Take a look and let me know if it's ok with you.

Sue said...

I enjoyed so much browsing around your place! Love the chickens! Your crops are coming in nicely and the corn looked wonderful! Still waiting for something to ripen in our garden!
Have a wonderful evening:D

Keeper of our Home said...

I enjoyed my warm, welcoming tour of your homestead. It was such a treat to get to visit with you. *grin*

~Mrs. M



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