Monday, November 2, 2009

Christmas Planning With Carrie~

"Main Street with Christmas Lights at Night, Leavenworth, Washington, USA" Photographic Print
Week #1 ~ Christmas Countdown

*Make a gift list of all people I need to give gifts to.
*Make a list of all the people I will deliver baking to.
*Figure my spending budget and plan accordingly.
* Plan what I will bake this year~like FUDGE!!
*Buy all my baking needs~ I will go to the Amish Dutch Pantry, Dollar Stores and Aldi to save here $$.
*Stock the pantry.
*Work on craft projects.
*Get pictures taken for cards. My Hannah will take ours and do magic on them at     Then we will send them to Walgreens to print. Big savings here$$$$.
I am heading off now to the Amish~oh am I going to have the most wonderful day! Wish you could come along! Have a good and Godly day!


April said...

I have never been to Jamesport, even though it isn't that far. Is there any day that is better to go than others? I know that at the Amish settlement near where I grew up a lot of the businesses were not open on Tuesdays-I found that out after I went the first time-on a Tuesday!

Camille said...

What a gorgeous picture of a Christmas village! So incredibly lovely!! What a practical series of posts you are much fun to prepare and plan.




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