Saturday, December 19, 2009

Look What I Found In My Mailbox~

Boston has another Grammy~her name is Nora. Nora sent me this wonderful book for Christmas. Thank you Nora! I absolutely love this book!! The book contains stories written about Amish and their peaceful way of living.

I envy the Amish and their simple ways. I follow a blog of a family who are going Amish. However, I believe that for Amish or English alike according to the Bible ~salvation is only by trusting in all that Jesus did on the cross not working out our salvation. If we did nothing to get it~we can do nothing to keep it. The spotless blood shed on the cross is the only way to Heaven. That being said I still believe there is much we can learn from the Amish. They have found the key to family living! I am challenged by their frugal life style. They truly do not live to lay up treasures here on this earth!

I could have been born Amish~I would have loved it. But I wasn't! There are many who do inquire about joining the Amish~ and some even do. If you want to follow a family who are going Amish~you can find Homemaker Ang on my blog roll. Her blog is Living Off Grid. You will enjoy reading her story! I so admire her and her husband's journey to a Simple Life!

Become Amish? Oh~ I would love to but my family not so much!

"Uncle Amos" an Amish man who wrote occasionally for Small Farmer's Journal, wrote this thought provoking response.

"If you admire our faith, strengthen yours. If you admire our sense of commitment, deepen yours. If you admire our community spirit, build your own. If you admire the simple life, cut back. If you admire deep character and enduring values, live them yourself."

I say AMEN!!!!! I so agree with Uncle Amos. I want to live a more simple life. I decided about 2 years ago to cut back in all areas of our life. I just love this book and I will share more as the days come!

For now I have to put down the book and this computer. I am going to bake all day. I pray you all enjoy this week ~I plan to. With only a week until Christmas I plan on cherishing the moments with my family~celebrating the ultimate gift~salvation. Which is truly the reason for Christmas!


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I admire the Amish too, enjoy your new book!

Amy Kinser said...

Thanks for sharing the book and the blog site. I found the blog and just signed up to follow. I love the Amish and am fascinated by their simple lives and what I see as a deep faith and great sense of community. I so enjoy reading books about them; fiction and non-fiction. My son is looking the one you got up on our library website as we speak.

I pray you have a wonderfully blessed Christmas.

(he just said it's not in our library but that I can buy it on Amazon) :)

Sue said...

I love the Amish too. And I'll bet they aren't the least bit worried about economic woes as they know how to completely live off the land! We could all learn from them.
We have tons of Amish here in Michigan:)

Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

I love the Amish too...and read tons of Amish books. I will have to look for that one and I am heading over to look at the Amish blog. thanks!

Marydon Ford said...

They are a fascinating people, the simplicity of their life in intriguing, beliefs & lifestyle wonderful. I love going to Strasburg, PA, to visit the Amish area ... a gorgeous quaint town filled with surrounding countryside of Amish, their wares, fantastic farms, etc.

Merry Christmas ~
TTFN ~Marydon
**new blog **
read/follow us @

Kristy Quinn said...

I always tease that I should have been born Amish! lol Oddly enough this is coming from a cradle Catholic ex professional singer. I just this last year discovered the truth about our salvation. What a wild thing to learn! My admiration of the Amish helped start my journey of faith. I bet that book is awesome! By the way, my family wasn't too keen on joining the Amish either lol *hugs to you my new friend*

Nora said...

Carrie, I'm so glade you like the book. I am really enjoying it myself. Thank you so much for the time you put in on your blog. It sure helps me out a lot on my hard days of being a mom to my 4 military boys. Having a 19 year old son in Iraq right now is not always very easy.

Cheryl said...

I also like the Amish, and read books about their life style, we have a small Amish community by us, have enjoyed getting to know them. I also follow Homemaker Ang's blog. Enjoyed the recipes you posted of your Christmas baking, they all look so good.
Merry Christmas

Mrs. P. said...

Carrie...I too could have been born Amish and feel a real kinship to their simple way of living. Our church supports a missionary who was raised Old Order Amish. His story is very interesting and he has quite a burden for those who do not know salvation.

Enjoy your book.

CHRISTmas Blessings to you dear sister!


Marmee's Pantry said...

If you should ever get the chance, try to visit Holmes County, Ohio ~ it's the largest Amish settlement in the world. Lovely place. And while you're there, be SURE to visit Lehman's Store! Wow...that's all I've got to say. The Amish & English shop there ~ everything from cookie cutters (an entire WALL full) to wood-burning cook stoves.

We live in SW Ohio, Miami County, & we have communities of those who are called Old Order German Baptist & they live just like the Amish ~ no electricy/technology, plain clothes similar to Amish, drive horses & buggies. Wonderful people. I get my fresh brown eggs & milk from an O.O.G.B. farm.

Love you blog!

Blessings from Ohio...Kim W



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