Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree~

My Home Sweet Home is filled with the sweet smell of our fresh Fraser Fir Christmas Tree~it smells so good! I am going to confess that I have not put up a real Christmas tree in several years. So I decided this year we would go back to the tree farm and chop one down. I grabbed Subway sandwiches and eggnog to have waiting upon our return. We were going to have the perfect tree trimming evening! We headed to our tree farm to find it absolutely treeless. It appears that while I was celebrating with my Hobby Lobby tree that our tree farm closed. I frantically called around to find only one other farm but it was closed until the weekend. I then decided we would at least go to a picture perfect stand that looks like something off a Christmas movie. I found one I liked but it was $60.00. So~ we went on to Lowes. They looked horrible. By now this is the movie we were in~
It was freezing and my toes were frozen. It wasn't my picture perfect moment. However my children were having a great time laughing about my expectations and laughing at me! All the trees were mashed and looked like Charlie Brown's tree. My husband suggested we get out our artificial tree once again this year but I was determined to not go home without our tree. Walmart had all their trees bound up so it was going to be my last choice with a grab bag approach but at least they were on clearance!
Finally~ We found the perfect tree at none other than Home Depot. Although it was not my picture perfect moment we had a fun time. When we returned home we were greeted by a plate full of Christmas goodies from our thoughtful neighbors~thanks Jill. We enjoyed the evening and each other's company. It was great for our tree trimming evening. We truly did find the perfect tree!


Sue said...

LOL! Your tree looks just beautiful. I got a kick out of your looking something like National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation!
I love real trees too, but since my dear mother is allergic to pine we have to have a fake one. They are quick and easy to put up especially with the pre-lit ones these days, but nothing like a REAL one!
Thanks for posting pics. It is truly lovely!

christschild said...

It is a beautiful tree! We want a real tree next year. I always love the evening we decorate our house for Christmas...wonderful, cherished memories:)

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Beautiful Carrie! I've got to know, what program did you use to make the festive boarders, I love them!

The Watts Family said...

Hehe!! After all that!! Wow it looks beautiful! Glad you found that wonderful tree it looks so pretty. Enjoy that wonderful smell and pretty sight~ Blessings Heather :)

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

Your determination to find a tree sounds just like mine Carrie, of 10 years ago when I made my husband go and find a tree after my beautiful, real tree died before Christmas. It would have made a funny movie scene too, because we were on a state highway at night and I had my husband clambering up this steep, muddy bank, saw in hand, with me holding a torch and heavily pregnant standing down below, shouting out instructions and keeping an eye out for any passing police cars! I knew it was only a self-sown pathetic pine seedling which the council spray out anyway but I did feel like a thief! And then of course, is the next day's drama, the story I shared at my Christmas blog of decorating the tree during labour and my husband delivering our son not long after getting the angel on the top! This is not going to happen this year of course! Well, not the tree drama but I am going into town again today but I am not tempting fate by going into the same bookshop for last minute Christmas presents, where my waters broke five years ago! Your tree looks so lovely and you have also used red ribbon like me!
I had the scan yesterday - baby is small, at least 2 weeks behind but heartbeat and placenta were fine. Baby is still active too. I see the OB today and praying that he lets baby stay inside to grow a little more. Thank you for all your prayers. I feel so blessed to know so many lovely friends are interceding for me and my very special Christmas blessing.

Kristy Quinn said...

LOL Reading your story reminded me of me and how many of my plans turn out. You held out though and God led you to a beautiful tree! We have to remember that it's all in His timing, even when it comes to fresh Christmas trees I guess lol I needed to remind myself of that too lol



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