Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cinnamon Bread~Made With Frugal Bread Dough

When making this bread~roll out as you would cinnamon rolls. Then roll up to form a loaf the size of your bread pan. Bake@325 for about 50 minutes.

Building Our Own Homestead~We've Only Just Begun

My Brian and I had always dreamed of living in the country. Well his dream was to build our own home. Sad to say~ I only wanted to live in the country in a home some one else built. I am so thankful now we took the leap of FAITH! We broke ground in May of 2007 and moved into our new home in August 2008. It took us a year to sell our Victorian House in the city and a year and a half to build our dream home. Who would know the housing market was to fall apart. I have so much to share on our journey, and boy was it a journey. I will share more later......stay tuned!



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