Thursday, February 26, 2009



I am learning and looking for new ways to make our money stretch. I do not believe the answer lies in making more money but making the money you have work for you. In my attempt to earn money by saving. I have been making these Homemade Cleaners that I have been posting on  my site. I can honestly say I have been pleasantly surprised. I have had a few nay Sayers concerning this matter. Yet~several of my friends have joined me. Folks~our Grandmothers did not have a Walmart on every corner. They did these very things. The people making these items are doing just that~making them. I have loved all these items that I have shared with you. I even found out that I absolutely love Armor Hammer Washing Soda. It works for so many things.  Our clothes are clean and our home is sparkling with a huge amount of savings. Give them a try. Maybe even change the recipe to your liking! I am confident that you will also be pleasingly surprised.

Homemade Fabric Softener
6 cups water
3 cups vinegar
2 cups hair conditioner

A couple drops of Downy essential oil. 

All Purpose Cleaner
1 Tablespoon washing soda
1 Tablespoon dish detergent
few drops of essential oil

Put in a spray bottle and fill with water.

Wood Floor Cleaner
I have been trying cleaner for wood floors~yet I have not found any I would recommend. The best I have been using is strong tea water. It does work but does not have that really good smell I like. It also stains your mop. I will keep trying.  If you have one please share!

Soft Scrub
1/2 cup washing baking soda
Enough liquid soap or detergent (I use Palmolive) to make a frosting texture
5 drops of antibacterial oil such as lavender,tea tree oil, or rosemary(optional)



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