Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring Decorating On A Budget

Spring Decorating~
Has the economy put you in the bah humbug mood?  Not me~it has challenged me to new money saving heights. Spring cleaning is a great time for redecorating. You can do it without spending money! 
How to decorate on a budget. First of all~use what you have. While my Brian has been out of town I went on a ideas shopping trip. I went to all the antique stores, thrift stores, and stores that I just love. I had the best time. I did not spend money but I got so inspired.  The next day I went through all my things and re~created the looks I loved using what I had.  Just rearranging things and thinking outside the box we can get a new look.
Here's how to get started~ Empty a whole room of everything but furniture; remove curtains for washing (I hang them back up damp with that Downy fresh smell), pictures, everything!
Clean the room, then start with your favorite things. Go back and put your favorite things, switch out the dark winter items for light spring like items! When it looks perfect stop.
I use bird houses, nest, blown out tea stained eggs, spring flowers, ect...
You may wish to have a garage sale~I do not have sales often. I re-create mostly.

Instead of overall decorating try to do one little corner at a time~a tabletop or hutch; setting up scenes using plants, photographs, candles and books. 
Take one room at a time. While you are at it~wash windows and  trim. Remove heavy rugs or drapes. Lighten up for heavens sake!

Daffodowndilly is coming to town in a yellow petticoat & a green gown.



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