Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Visit With My Amish Friends

Click on the photo for a close up view!

I had the best day yesterday. I only regret to tell you that I was so busy having the time of my life that I did not get many pictures. What was I thinking? 

We started our day at Anna's Bake Shop~for some homemade goodies. We then went to the H&M shop~where I buy all my baking and canning jars for my candles. This is where I buy my favorite Amish made Raspberry Jam~Ummm!  We visited the Fabric Barn where I purchased material for aprons. I kind of have a fetish for aprons~which I wear every day. We went to Grables green house!  My Amish friend told me it is going to be a late planting season. Which seems to be true~we are freezing again! YEK!   We then went to eat at my favorite place in all the world~Gingerich Dutch Pantry. Oh my goodness~this is a buffet of homemade Amish food~ heavenly homemade fried chicken, mashed potatoes, homemade bread, picked beets and so much more! I really could go back as I write this post! Visions of Amish bread dance in my head!  I was just sure the Revival Preacher Bro. Decker was sure to preach on gluttony last! Praise the Lord he skipped over that sin! For I  surely would have to repent! 
 We visited a couple of scratch and dent stores~Yoders and Krammer and Yoders. What a wonderful day we  had! I came away with some great bargains.

My favorite scene is all the Amish children playing in the school yard with their ponies hooked up to the hitching post. What simplicity!

You can take a peek here Jamesport Missouri Amish!



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