Thursday, April 16, 2009

I Am Still Here~

It has been such a busy week here at our Home. Our church is hosting a huge Retreat. We have ladies coming from all over. The theme is Mary Engelbreit~Bloom Where You're Are Planted. I think when this is over I will not be disappointed if I never see fried egg flowers again! Please be in much prayer that God will speak to each heart and meet the needs that each lady may have! We have worked so hard but it is all in vain if God does not show up! I think we have 550 registered. 

I am waiting for my out of town guest for the week end to arrive!  I am so tired~ so we are eating out this evening and we are going to relax.  Looking forward to putting my feet up and having someone wait on me!

 My baby chicks are growing their wings~they are just too cute. I will get pictures up soon.
I will be excited to share photos and highlights next week.

I hope you have a restful week end. I have missed keeping in touch with you my blogging friends. I will be back next week!
Until next time~



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