Tuesday, April 21, 2009

May I Introduce You To My Girls~

These twin girls remind us of penguins.
These are Rhode Island Reds~and they have red tempers too!
These black beauties are Black Stars and are to become giants~not so sure about that!
We are hoping these two blossom~ maybe to beautiful swans!
These are my favorite!
I just love their eye liner! They will lay pastel eggs!

I am so excited to introduce you to my new laying flock. My girls are just 11 days old. Each day it is so exciting to see how much they have grown over night. They are losing their fuzzy hair and growing their feathers by the hour. We are having a time with our girls. 

The temperature was at 95 degrees the first week and now we raised the heat lamp to adjust to about 85 degrees. They seem very hardy and strong.
I have always heard the saying~Up with the chickens. It is so true! We have them in a cage in our house until they are about 6 weeks old. It is just to cold outside as of yet. So~every morning at 3 AM they are making so much noise it wakes the entire house hold! I love them dearly but I am looking forward to the time they can move to their own house~ Speaking of which is not built yet. 

I am hoping seeing the girls will bring a smile to your face. They sure do mine! Stay tuned for more Farming On Faith's Flock adventures!



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