Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Heat & Hold Scrambled Eggs

This recipe is so good for company ~
I make it and put in my crock pot on warm. It can hold for about 2 hours. 

1/4 c. butter
12 eggs
1 1/3 c. milk
1 t. salt
1/8 t. pepper
2 T. flour

Melt butter in skillet over low heat. Combine remaining ingredients in large bowl; beat until smooth and pour into skillet. Heat until eggs are set to desired consistency. So good~Yum!

No Fairy Tale Here~

 My~ not so perfect mess!

My sister has a friend who gets discouraged reading blogs thinking we who blog sometimes portray a perfect life as if we have it all together!  I am here to tell you~ I do not have it all together. My heart's desire is to encourage and lift the spirits of woman who are just like me~trying to keep all the plates spinning without crashing to the ground.  SO~I just had to share my mess this morning at 7 AM.

This is Secretaries Day. I was just a little sleepy! My Brian and his co-workers decided to make breakfast for the Secretaries in their office to show their appreciation for all their hard work. Which really means I made breakfast. My morning started at 4 AM so I could make homemade cinnamon rolls and make hold and heat scrambled eggs. Needless to say ~I had to enjoy a little siesta this afternoon so I could be awake for mid-week church service this evening! I was so off balanced I forgot to walk my weekly trash down the 2 block long drive way for my trash service to take away. 

Then I hurried to get things back in order for a day of homeschooling~we are so far behind. I think we may have to school most of May. I normally try to be finished with all those books by the first of the month. It has been a busy Spring. We are kicking it in high gear. 
Here is my little country kitchen put to order once again!



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