Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bible~Chickens~Computer~In That Order!

Farming On Faith Faith is a bit of a pickle~no seriously! I got up to feed the husband, the kids, Emma the royal dog, the cats and then you guessed it~the chickens. Now remember my mess yesterday? I decided to get a little smarter today! I might be dumb but I am not stupid!

This is not what I look like this morning! I am in my jammies with a sweatshirt on for it is a little chilly this morning!  I have on no makeup and morning hair!  But~I have my toes polished a bright summer pinky~red. For those of you who do not know much about chickens~they peck at anything red! I just happen to be barefoot! Yay! I just put this up to remind myself I really am not a crazy chicken lady!

I am sitting in this chair trying to do my morning devotions 
while letting my rather too big chicks out for an airing.  
I really look more like a crazy chicken lady! 

This is my handsome Brian~if you happen to see him today remind him that our Farming On Faith Chickens has grown more overnight! My unfinished chicken coop is calling!

I am trying to read my devotions but these girls are unruly. I really think I have lost all control and my mind too!

While I am at it I decided you might get a laugh out of my situation ~here is my morning but I will not share what I really look like!

My girls are happy to be free! 

This is where I would like to be sitting!

They love the sunshine!

This is for my brother-in-law Doug~we  got one of his chickens by mistake. She will look like the pretty black and white one on my blog header. Sorry~I just can't part with her now! It was so hard to tell them apart when they were only a day old! I think she is going to be the prettiest. 

When the girls get tired they head back to their cage for a nap.
 I am off to get school and chores done. 
I hope you have a wonderful day!



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