Monday, June 8, 2009

30 Minute A Day House Cleaning~

Summer at our home means no more school books~yay!  It means fun in the sun and lazy days. The school year is so busy for me and I do not have much time for reading or doing the things I enjoy. Homeschooling consumes much of our life. We spend one whole day a week cleaning and doing laundry. I am going to CHANGE the plan. Yes~you heard me. Me~ who hates any change at all ~ I am going to plan for some free time! 
This 30 minutes a day clean away involves tackling similar cleaning tasks in each room and finishing each task for that room and progressing on to the next room. The bonus of doing it this way is that it meets your weekly checklist requirements and only the cleaning tools and supplies needed are brought out and used.

Here is my 30 minute a day schedule for the summer.

 Day 1 Monday ~ Clean all the windows, mirrors, glass tabletops and any other glass surfaces
 Day 2  Tuesday~ Tackle the bathrooms, the tub/showers, sinks,counter tops and yes the toilets!
 Day 3 Wednesday~ Tackle the kitchen, wipe down cupboards, clean counter tops, large and small appliances, and rotate weekly between cleaning inside the oven or refrigerator.
 Day 4 Thursday~ Gather up all the laundry,table linens, bathroom towels, sheets and do the laundry. Put out fresh towels, sheets and linens.
 Day 5 Friday~ Dust all the surfaces, light fixtures and blinds too and polish furniture
 Day 6 Saturday~ Sweep and vacuum the flooring and don't forget to mop! Check, Change or refresh any pets litter/boxes or habitat they use and take out the garbage.
 Day 7 Sunday~ It's the Lord's Day!  Give it a rest!
If you sort your cleaning supplies and keep them handy together in a cleaning bucket, makes it much easier and more convenient to grab and take with you, saving you time.



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