Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Amish Meal~

Good Morning~
Now I know you probably really don't care about my ramblings this morning........wink!
 Most of you ~ Mary @Neat and Tidy~ want to know about the meal! 
Well let me tell you it was wonderful! We had a slaw like salad with fresh bacon and a wonderful homemade dressings~yummy. We were served tender roast beef with homemade gravy over it, some kind of homemade sausage~it had no grease at all, homemade mashed potatoes w/ gravy, homemade butter noodles, green beans, homemade bread and Chocolate crunch pie. I wish I could eat it all over again!  It was served family style of course and we were offered seconds and more. We were all stuffed beyond the point of sinning! The chocolate pie was out of this world! I will post pictures when I get  back home. ( I forgot my chord to download) Sure wish I could have a piece of that pie this morning!

Our host were Devon and Irene Slabach. Their beautiful daughter~ Joann served us who was in the third grade. She attends public school which I found unusual ~rather than an Amish school. She was wearing a light blue immaculate Amish dress with a cute little white islet apron.  She was a delightful child. The family built a small out building behind their house. It reminded me of maybe a church kitchen. It was decorated simply with light blue swags over the windows. The building was trimmed in beautiful oak woodwork and the place shined. You could have eaten off her bright gleaming floors. They were a young couple and so very friendly. We shared our meal with two other couples who had grown children. 
I took pictures of their beautiful farm and simple home~ I will post them soon. Irene had a beautiful garden and flowers. Everything was picture perfect. I could have stayed there forever. 

I will file this away as a Memory Never To Forget!

The economy has slowed their business so~if you are close they can serve large crowds also!
I highly recommend this experience~what a fun Wedding Reception or Family Reunion!
Countryroad  Homestyle Banquets
0600 N 900 W
Shipshewana, IN



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