Friday, June 26, 2009

There Is No Place Like Home~

Our Emma went on vacation too~she even got her own snacks!
The buggies in Shipshewana are everywhere. You are asked to drive slow in case a horse decides to be unpredictable. I love hearing the sounds of the hooves on the street. 
For wanting to be a people who stay separated from the world~
their ways sure attract people~ like me~ to them!  It was so blistering hot. I really believe I could live Amish~but giving up A/C would be really hard for me!
This is a real pile of poo! Yep~you heard me! This is an Amish horse and buggy riding little place that for a fee you can have a buggy ride. Thus~here is the pile for free. You laugh~but I was trying to figure out a way to get this home to my compost pile. One of the  questions the Amish get asked is why are you such good farmers~well my friend here is the answer! 

This was a fun store. They were having a quilting festival and had someone famous only I don't know who she was!  It would be so fun to live among the Amish. I truly wanted to stay!
My Caleb with an Amish horse. He does not have any desire to stay and join the Amish!
I really tried to convince them all~RATS!!!!!!

Our trip to Michigan took 13 hours. Praise the Lord for A/C. We stopped at a wonderful Christian ran restaurant with almost as good as Amish food. It is in Lincoln, Illinois! Homemade rolls and picked beets~with fried chicken and Texas sheet cake. It really is amazing good food. It plays Christian music and it is decorated like Grandma's house. Give it a try if you live close by~ 1121 Hickox ~Lincoln, IL 62656. It is a Bonanza but really it is not! YUM!
Here is Devon and Irene's Homestead~where we shared a meal.
 It will be a forever etched in memory kind of day!

Everything on her homestead was so well cared for! The house was sparkling clean.
 Her flower beds and gardens were perfectly manicured. If we all stayed home as much as the Amish I wonder if we too could get more done. My only concern is how would 
we share the saving gospel of salvation to the many lost and dying world? 
This is my greatest concern with this lifestyle!

We went to the Dollar General. The manager was a nice Amish lady and the employees were a mix of the Amish and the English together. The store was amazingly organized and clean. All of the businesses have a place for the Amish to tie their buggies and horses. Some ~like the Medical Buildings even have covered shelters that look like garages. Those are so nice for the animals. Some of those poor horses get tied up in the heat for too long!
The Indiana Amish are more progressive than her in Missouri. 
They have trailers and carts to carry behind as you can see here in this picture.

Shipshewana is known for the Flea Market. It has been years since we have been here. The town is way to busy for my taste during these days~Tuesday and Wednesday. But~ you can find some really good deals. It would be a great place to Christmas shop! I want to go back when the temps are not 100 degrees. You will find purses, shoes, clothing home decor, antiques, produce, fruit, and just about anything in between. It really is a shoppers dream come true! 

They also hold auctions. I tried to stay clear form here ~for I had no way to get it home!

This is a little store off the beaten path~my favorite kind! Katie makes oodles of noodles here. Her little shop was spotless and you can watch her make her homemade noodles through a glass. I bought some to bring home and cook myself. I love how the Amish take the gift of their hands and make a living. I was inspired~i just don't know what to do with it! I have been wanting to get my little candle business moving~hummmm! I am thinking on it! I also bought a homemade loaf of cinnamon bread and some raspberry jam. I love Amish raspberry jam.
Here is my favorite bakery in the whole world.  Here we ate homemade donuts that melted in your mouth! They were out of this world. Last time I was here 3 years ago I made friends with an Amish lady who sent me a year subscription to Keepers At Home Magazine. It is an Amish Magazine. We wrote several times but ~they are not allowed to stay in contact with the English world so they letters stopped coming. It was so much fun to get the magazine. 
I need to resubscribe now that I am moved and settled!

Here is my father-in-law's little shop where he sells bird houses.
 You can drive anywhere in Michigan and some in Indiana and see his birdhouses in many yards. Thank you for praying for him~He is recovering well! 
I need to place an order for your Fall trip her~Tom!
This is Grandma Shindorf~she just turned 90. I had to take a picture and capture a memory. She is a delight to visit with. It is fun to hear about history in her stories!

We had a wonderful time on vacation~ and we made it  home safe and sound! 

Here is a site I have been following for some time. She is living my dream. They went off grid and bought an Amish farm in Michigan. I have been watching and waiting for her to announce they were joining the Amish and yesterday when I got home~ sure enough they have decided to join the Amish church. You can visit her~but hurry she will not be blogging anymore. I am so sad about not getting to read her blog anymore but I am going to subscribe to her newsletter.
You really must grad a cup of tea and visit her site~you will be glad you did.
Visit Homemaker Anghere!

And here is a blog I follow with the opposite story. 
This blogger grew up Amish and just left the Amish chuch.  Visit A Joyful Chaos here!

A peek at Hannah's Sr pictures taken by her Aunt Novenda~



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