Sunday, July 5, 2009

Farming On Faith's Beginning~

My Brian and I have dreamed of living in the country for many years. Brian would look every time land came up for sale. We didn't want to move to far from town. In the Fall of 2006 we purchased the land where Farming On Faith is now blossoming~about 8 miles out of town.

We met with builders but it was just so much more than our budget allowed~ so we decided to be our own Contractor. My husband has always been able to build, repair or fix anything. How he knows how to do everything~I just don't know. I really had blind trust because He has never let me down.  I should have had some fear~ For I had no idea what we really had got ourselves into! Never in my life was I prepared for the road that was to be ahead of us.
We had one great thing on our side~God. Looking back God taught us so many valuable lessons far greater in value than our new home. We broke ground in June 2007. What great joy that brought. We had been mowing and working on our land up until that time. I remember mowing this 10 acres and thinking~ our new home would never be completed.

We prayed and asked God for His wisdom in making all the thousand and one decisions that we had to make. We decided to go through our Homeschool group first. We had our neighbor and now friend Tim and Jill Marrow do our framing~what a fantastic job they did and it is so nice to have them as neighbors. We did all the jobs that we could do ourselves and we worked and worked and worked. Now I must say My Brian and I are hard workers but we had no idea just how hard the work would be. 
We dug footings in 102 degree heat. We built a retaining wall~which I say is still my least favorite job in the whole entire world. We worked all summer and by late fall the house was enclosed. Our children worked hard too! They learned many lessons that can't be found in any textbook. We worked all of Thanksgiving break and all of Christmas break.We insulated in the freezing cold weather. We had an ice storm and our power was out for 4 days in both houses~our old home and our half finished new home. I was thankful for the storm. We cuddled under blankets and rested. Now that is really bad~it was freezing!

As of early 2008~ our old home had not sold and the housing market was beginning to fall apart. I would love to tell you that we were the tower of faith~but our faith was really being put to the fire. We really did not for- see a big  problem~selling our old home! Our old home was an old historical Queen Ann that was sitting in a well sought after area in town. If we had not built our own home I would have never moved. It was completely restored with a brand new kitchen, wiring and well established yard and in- ground pool. We had people interested in it before we ever even wanted to sell. We finally got a contract and the people changed their minds. It was one crazy story after another.  By now we were terribly worried and money was getting stretched as tight as we were. We were trying too keep a picture perfect three story home in showable condition at all times, build a new home, homeschool and My Brian working full time. Talk about getting on our knees. We were way in over our heads.

The great thing is God taught us both that He is really all we need. We told God we would put both houses up for sale and we placed a For Sale sign in the ground at Farming On Faith. Someone else was going to live in my beautiful home that we had worked so hard to build. Our faith grew beyond measure. God is so good. He had a plan all a long and He was saving our old home for just the couple He wanted to have it! Boy~did we have to apologize to our Heavenly Father. He had it all taken care of and we did all that worrying for naught!

We closed on our other home on August 5, 2008 and moved into our new home~Farming On Faith. 
My Brian named it Farming On Faith~because it truly has been a journey of Faith and we have vowed that it always will be.



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