Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Last Rung Of The Ladder~

I have fallen in love with my chickens.  I have posted their baby pictures once again so maybe you would understand while a perfectly normal woman fell in love with chickens. I received my chicks just hours old~ in the mail of all things. They had no Momma Chick~so naturally that job fell to me. They are so much fun yet they eat all my flowers. I had to put baby gates on my deck when I let them out to free range so they do not leave me messes on my porch. I have keep an eye on them so they do not wonder to far from home. They dig up all my mulch and throw it on the side walk.  They have taken over my herb garden for their dust bathing. They are kind of like my real chicks who take much attention, love and care. I have to make sure the coyotes and fox do not make of meal of my girls. Needless to say~I was asking My Brian on our date night last night~ "You knew me and the fact that anything I raise from hours old~why did you let me get chickens?" This is my dilemma!

Lilly~AKA Sami Bird has no neck like the others. She is special because chickens need their neck to run and walk. Its a funny thing. Sami just spreads her wings and flies everywhere. Her feathers go every which way in a funky sort of way. I love Sami Bird~she is special. However the other birds are not friends with Sami Bird because of her being different. Don't get me wrong~I think she is the smartest girl of them all. The others will not let her eat first so she has learned to be patient~she just waits! The other's have an attention disorder~when they get distracted which they do so quickly~she always gets the best treats. I just feel so bad for her~and I keep my eye out.  Sometimes the others peck at her for no reason~but she shows no signs that they are hurting her. This saying we have heard about pecking order is really true! Yet she has become the swiftest of them all!  Just try and catch her when she does not want to be caught! 

What really has me bothered is their roosting habits at night. My Brian made them a ladder in their house for which they all roost on at night. There are 12 girls and 5 rungs. You can tell who rules the roost by who sleeps on the the top rung and down the line it goes. Friends sleep together! Which is really kind-of cool except for Sami. No one will let her sleep with them~so she is always by her self on the bottom rung of the ladder! 

 It has rained for several days here and they say that chickens have sense to come in out of the rain. Someone forgot to tell my girls that. My son thinks I have spoiled them so rotten that they do not know how to behave like chickens! I have lined their coop with straw for the winter. And they fluff their wings out to trap air inside to keep them warm. The only problem is~wet wings don't fluff out. Can someone tell me why they won't come in out of the rain? Silly birds! Wet cold chickens get sick easy and then that is a whole other story!  Anyway~ they have been wet and cold. So all night I worried about poor Sami not getting warm all by herself on the last rung of the ladder.  

Sami~just days old

Sami~on the last rung!

My Sami Bird~



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