Monday, November 2, 2009

How To Paint A Window~ Frugal Gift Idea

You can pick up old frames for next to nothing or free often times. 
Painted windows can be such a nice gift for pennies. 
 Decorate them in any style you wish.  
This one is hanging in my booth for sale.

1. Sand frame.
2. Take newspaper and masking tape~ cover all the glass.
3. Spray paint frame~remove newspaper.
4. Paint the design you want. You can print images from the computer and  tape them to the back for an easy way to paint if you do not like to draw. This is great for sayings. I use cheap Apple Barrel Paints.
5. When you finish with your painting~let it dry. Then coat it with a clear spray paint. I give it about 5 coats ~letting it dry between coats. This is the time to add sprinkles and glitter if you wish. This will seal it and keep the paint from pealing off~works like a charm.
6. Place 2 sturdy screws on the back with heavy wire for hanging.

This one hangs in my house.

Christmas Planning With Carrie~

"Main Street with Christmas Lights at Night, Leavenworth, Washington, USA" Photographic Print
Week #1 ~ Christmas Countdown

*Make a gift list of all people I need to give gifts to.
*Make a list of all the people I will deliver baking to.
*Figure my spending budget and plan accordingly.
* Plan what I will bake this year~like FUDGE!!
*Buy all my baking needs~ I will go to the Amish Dutch Pantry, Dollar Stores and Aldi to save here $$.
*Stock the pantry.
*Work on craft projects.
*Get pictures taken for cards. My Hannah will take ours and do magic on them at     Then we will send them to Walgreens to print. Big savings here$$$$.
I am heading off now to the Amish~oh am I going to have the most wonderful day! Wish you could come along! Have a good and Godly day!

I'm Walking On Sunshine~A Day With The Amish

Woo~hoo~ I woke up on the right side of the bed! I am walking on sunshine today! I am so excited!! Can you tell? I am heading to Jamesport , Mo~(Amish Country) with my Pastor's wife, Pam Marshall and the Evangelist's wife Karen Hightower. We are going to stock our pantries for the Thanksgiving and Christmas baking. 
This is my all time favorite kind of day!!! I buy all my baking needs at the H&M Amish Store. We will of course eat at the Mennonite Buffet and have the best food in whole wide world~my mouth is already watering. I just had a piece of toast for breakfast because you never want to go to the Gingerich's Restaurant unless you are starving. My family tease me so because I can actually dream about this meal all the time. It is so good. I wish you could all come and go with me.   I love stepping back in time~I just may never come back to this to fast pace way of life we live. I just hope if I choose to stay ~My Brian will come and join me! 

You can have a peek at Jamesport~Amish Country here.



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