Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How To Keep The Holidays Stressless~

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I am planning to keep this Christmas stress free~ Plan the work and work the plan!

  • When you ask family members to share their favorite Christmas memory. You might be surprised how few meals and toys they mention. Most people remember the memories. Toys get broken, but a memory lasts forever.
  • Remember what really matters. Family and your own home should come first. Everything else should come second to your special place~your Home. The hassles can take care of themselves. 
  • A handmade gift is more special than a bought gift. 
  • It is really okay to say NO! We would  like to do it all, be everywhere, and see everything. We need time together as a family!
  • Plan some time for yourself. You can read a book, listen to music, take a bubble bath by candlelight, get a hair cut, polish your nails, buy yourself a new nightgown. Take a moment to plan what you will wear for Christmas. By taking care of yourself you will avoid the last minute hassle about your appearance.
  • Watch your spending carefully. For many years I found myself in debt trying to create the perfect Christmas~only to regret it January 1st when the bills rolled in. Talk about tension and depression! Overspending will do it! Give yourself the gift of NO DEBT this year. You will be so glad you did!
  • Remember Christmas will come even if the "To Do List" isn't totally finished. Celebrate family, friends, and above all, the true meaning of Christmas! 

Christmas Week # 3 Planner~

"Christmas Window" Print
If you are new to my blog~ let me explain! I am getting all of Christmas wrapped up in four weeks because I am flying out to be with my daughter as she delivers my new grandson. I normally take about 3 months to get it all done. I have started some new business adventures that have kept me so busy I have not had time to prepare for Christmas. One of the things I do is shop all year long when I see great buys so I have a gift pantry ~which is going to help greatly.

Week # 3 ~ Christmas Planning
  • *Take my Gift List and SHOP,SHOP,SHOP!!
  • *Set up a wrapping station~this is one of the smartest ideas I have ever come up with! It makes it easy to keep up as you shop. I set mine with a pretty tablecloth, baskets of tape, ribbon, paper and bows. 
  • * Recheck my pantry for Holiday Baking. This will be a great sale week for stocking up!
  • * Prepare several freezer meals for the busy weeks before Christmas.
  • * Hit anything not completed from last week~which happens to be our Christmas cards.
  • * Get Stocking Stuffers

Heap the holly! Wreath the pine!
Train the dainty Christmas vine~
Let the breath of fir and bay
Mingle on the festal day.
Helen Chase



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