Friday, January 8, 2010

Fabulous Friday At Farming On Faith~

Does this look like a little snow to you? We are to only have a few flurries today but guess what? We are having more than flurries here at Farming On Faith. Now ~I am one who loves the Midwest and all it has to offer. I even like snow ~but I have to tell you I have had enough. For whatever my two cents are worth.
I went out to check on my girls this morning and all is well. No burnt feathers or smoking hens. They seem to be okay. You should have seen them trying to shake off the petroleum jelly last night. All 11 chickens shaking and bobbing their heads at the same time. Not a sight Hannah and I will soon forget~LOL!

Sami has become famous. I have received many e-mails inquiring about Sami. I hear she was even been the talk among a few of you Mop's followers, at homeschool classes, at church and even The Rusty Chandelier. What I bet you all are really saying is~" Can you believe that crazy Farming On Faith lady actually not only gave a chicken a bath but she has her in the kitchen!" So I thought I would give you a picture of Sami bird this morning. She is looking quite beautiful I might add.
Well I am off to get my To Do List done for today. I think I have been snowed in all week and I need to get out. That means a date night is in order with My Brian~if we can get out of our driveway!


Tina said...

I followed suit and went out this morning and put petroleum jelly on my chickens combs...all went well until I got to the last rooster, who was less then pleased with the idea of me picking him up and then putting goopy stuff on his comb! But I hope it will protect them:) Thanks for the idea! Stay warm:)

Hazel said...

I'm a city girl but love hearing about your farm life .Sami is one pretty chicken .

Patty said...

She does look lovely. I'm glad all the Farming on Faith's Girls are doing fine. I hope you can make it out of the drive.

Kristy Quinn said...

I don't blame you one bit. Snow is pretty but it's not always easy to deal with for long periods of time. You have some gorgeous pics now though~ I'm glad you had no flaming feathers today and of course Sami's famous... she's beautiful <3 Maybe one day she'll have her own calendar ;o)



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