Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sadie On Fire~

With the freezing cold temps~ I have been going out to check on my girls giving them water and treats to make being locked up in the coop a bit more bearable. It is so cold I am keeping them in the coop with a heat lamp on even during the day.

Today on our lunch break I ran out to have a look~ see to make sure all was well. I opened the door to smell something burning. I look up and under the light Sadie was smoking~no kidding. I immediately ran to the house to unplug the extension cord to the heat lamp. I ran back to check on Sadie and sure enough her back feathers were burnt. The lamp is hanging from the ceiling and has been fine for the past several days. I think with the temps getting colder Sadie was trying to get a little closer to the heat. Oh my stars~this Momma Chicken was upset for sure!

I put the heat lamp up higher and I have checked on them all evening. It won't keep them as warm but at least they will not catch fire.

This city girl is beginning to question my chicken farming abilities. I am so worried about the cold! I covered their combs with petroleum jelly to prevent frost bite and they did not appreciate that at all! Hannah and I managed to get all 11 girls protected.

Sami is looking really good~and still in the kitchen. She is still taking well to the pampering. My Hannah said Sami reminds her of Big Bird. She is a funny bird for sure. She knows when we are talking to her and she answers us back in her language. We will miss her when she goes back to her coop!

The wind chill temp tonight is to be -25 below~I hope the girls do alright. The last I checked~ they were all munching on some fresh apples and romaine lettuce happy as could be. I have been only getting 1-2 eggs a day. With the heat lamp on all day today I was blessed with 4 eggs.

It has been a long cold day ~good night my blog friends.


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Oh My Goodness1 Lucky you went in when you did!
Our hens used to still free range even in the snow.
Our temps would'nt be as cold as you guys though.
Our egg production is terrible at the monet 2 eggs yesterday from 14 hens!
The heat is knocking them around abit!

Nancy M. said...

Poor Sadie! I know it was an accident, but I'll bet that scared you to death! Glad you caught it before it got too bad. My that is cold! I don't blame you for doing all you can to keep them warm!

Patty said...

I had to stop and ask my husband if our dogs could reach the light in their doghouse. He assured me they couldn't. Poor Sadie. I hope all goes well from here.

Amy said...

Oh my goodness! I can imagine your panic! I can't blame Sadie, though.....I have my electric blanket wrapped around me, and I'm inside the house!

Domestic Goddess said...

You are too funny! You almost fried your chicken! I am almost crying.But it's not funny. Your shed could have burnt down, scary thought. Is it really that cold? I still can't believe you have a chicken in your kitchen. A few members of my MOPS steering team were talking about Sami. My youngest tried to bring one of ours in the house to watch TV when we first started raising chickens. I had to be firm no matter how cute he was sitting with the chicken in his lap. At least Sami got a good bath. I hope you have better luck, and chickens are pretty hardy and can handle the cold. They do need alot of light to lay well. I up my grain rations and toss the scratch in the henhouse to keep them busy. I have a warming plate under the waterer so the water doesn't freeze and I have a regular cage light on all the time to encourage the laying.

Hazel said...

Oh my that must have scared the life out of you .Poor Sadie ,I feel like her some days when its cold out I just want to get as close as I can to the heat source .

Denise said...

Oh my, poor Sadie, I'm glad you checked when you did! Sounds to me that Sami might not even want to go back to the coup ;-) How I wish I could share your fresh eggs, what a treat.
Stay warm, it's getting cold here but no where near as cold as your temps.

Flat Creek Farm said...

Awwww, I love it that you put petro jelly on their combs! You're a GREAT mom! :) I've been worried about (and fussing over) my crew all day and I'm sure I will be until this awful deep freeze is over with. Take care ~ and no more chickens playing in the fire! ;-) -Tammy

Kristy Quinn said...

Oh wow... you sure have had some adventures lately. That's great that you went outside when you did. Poor mama chicken... I personally think that you're soing great with yoru chickens. Try to stay warm *hugs*

Jackie said...

Your chicken adventures remind me of a REALLY old movie called The Egg and I. I hope your girls do okay today as this arctic blast continues.

Have a great day.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

What worries you have!!! I would be concerned as well! Can you move them into the garage? Hope they stay warm and you do also as you check on them!

The Old Cupboard Door said...

The Dear Lord sent you out there just in time. Looks like you are learning as you go and your chickens are lucky to have some one like you to take care of them. I'm so glad your story had a happy ending.


Cheryl said...

Oh my your poor Sadie, so glad you caught it in time. When we lived up north our winters were very cold like yours, my chickens were in a small barn that was particioned off for them. The barn was not insulated, I kept a light on for them at night which helped some. Also gave them cracked corn every day. Chickens are pretty tough we never had any problems with the cold bothering them other than egg production going down. Hang in there they should do alright. You take such good care of them!



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