Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sami~ Update

Sami spent several days in the garage and then back to the coop. She is all better and enjoying being back with her siblings. We enjoyed having her as a house guest and spending time closely with the family has made her even more special to us! We love our Sami~


Nancy M. said...

I am so glad Sami is better! She's lucky she spent these past cold days inside.

I have one in the house now that I don't know if she will make it. It's like she's paralyzed, at least partly. She still has a good appetite though.

christschild said...

That's so awesome she gets to come in the house. My dad used to have chickens and they used to get on his lap and his shoulder and just sit there and let him pet them. They are cool little creatures from God!
Have a nice evening.

The Watts Family said...

Wonderful News and beautiful picture! ~Hopefully it has warmed up some there! Blessings Heather :)

Miss Jen said...

So glad Sami is doing well....
what little darling! *sigh*

Many Blessings~ Miss Jen

Domestic Goddess said...

She will be your tamest chicken and actually come visit you.



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