Thursday, March 25, 2010

Chickens In My Road~ Need Chick Advice

My Girls~
I received the most wonderful Easter basket from My Secret Pal at church Wednesday night. Inside were these adorable kitchen towels, the cutest To DO pad, sticky notes, chocolates in a cute Easter dish, and none other than a New Amish Cook Book. She knows the key to my heart. Secret Pal ~I have a feeling you are reading to know me so well~you have blessed me beyond measure~ you have just spoiled me so~THANK YOU!

In the bowel are today's farm fresh eggs that my girls blessed me with today~pretty as a picture! Who needs to color eggs when you have these beauties?
These are my farm fresh eggs I blew out so my Kindergartens could paint them with watercolors. We had such great fun learning all about chicks last week!

Spring is officially here~I am so excited! I am looking forward to bright long days, warm sunshine and getting my hands into some dirt. Frankly~ I am looking forward to getting outside and working in my garden. After being cooped up all winter~I am so excited to just get outdoors! Woo Hoo~

My chickens are looking a little worn and weary from this long hard winter. They have been getting out most of the day to free range. I have been giving them good chicken feed and oyster shells~along with many treats. For my chicken farmer friends~do you have any idea how to beautify them a bit? I think some have entered a moult time again. I was getting 12 eggs a day and now we are down to 6-8 eggs a day. If you have any ideas ~I would love to hear them.

They seem to love digging in my flower beds~so I was thinking maybe you~ my chicken farmer friends ~could clue me in to any flowers they don't like to eat! I noticed they leave certain flowers alone. Any ideas? I must say a city girl who loves my flowers might have lost her mind.

BUT~I am so excited to see them running around once again. They are always in search of the next treasure. Each one has a different personality. My Sami has became the most personable~imagine that. Her stay in the house completely transformed her into a very social character. For a chicken who has bathed in a whirl pool tub had to learn some social graces. She has become my favorite. With all the special treatment she received she is very capable and is thriving among her siblings~maybe even a bit to much!

If you would pay Farming On Faith a visit today you would see chickens in the road for sure. They seem to know that Momma Hen loves them and that they truly do rule the roost~all 10 acres!

Isaiah 41:10

10Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.


Sue said...

Your post is really sweet today as always. I am so looking forward to getting out in our yard too and playing in the soil. Doesn't is just smell so good!?
So glad your chickens are good layers. We have been raising chickens for over ten years now and the last batch would not lay a single egg so we got rid of them. We start a new batch this month. That was frustrating.
What a jot to teach the younger kids!

Blessings to you this weekend as you enjoy all of God's wonderful creation!

Goodwife said...

Hmmm, luckily my flowers are in the front of the house and the chickens, even though free range, stay mostly in the back. As for sprucing them up a bit, God will take care of that for you in a few months! I think all chickens can look a bit scraggly after a long hard winter, much like ourselves. Some sunshine, good green grass, and some bugs will fill them back out. You could make sure they don't have mites or anything, but they are probably just beginning a moult as you said! :)

Patty said...

Those kitchen towels are so cute. So are the decorated eggs. I am so glad to hear that Sami is thriving and has found a place with the other farm chicks. I'm afraid I have no knowledge of what to do with chickens, but it sounds like you have some farm friends who do.

Have a great day, Carrie.

Sandra said...

I have no idea about the flowers. Ours eat mine too. I"m debating about whether or not to even plant any this year.

mrshester said...

A moult? Uh oh...Sister, I'm gonna warn you now. Get ready. I have had one hen (who is gone now:( )who went through a moult...and even though I loved her, MAN ALIVE did she get ugly!lol I would say, just be patient, and when their feathers come back in they will be just as lovely as you remember them being!

I also get a magazine called Backyard Poultry and they specialize in chickens and ducks and the like. They had a feature in this month's about egg laying and mentioned that the really pretty hens are probably not as good in laying as those that look a little scruffier because their body system isn't as "focused" on making eggs as the scruffier ones are. I really enjoy the magazine and have found it beneficial being that this is my first full year having chickens, and their pictures are wonderful! A chicken kaleidoscope, if you will :)

Amy said...

Aww...your chickens make me smile. You are such a proud Momma! :)

Lady Farmer said...

Carrie ~
I have had chickens all my life ~ well, since I was in 4th grade. Here is some of what I know about them ~ Chickens need 14 hours of light to hit their eye which causes them to lay an egg every 28 hours. Mine moult twice a year. And they look ugly and naked, poor things! When the new feathers come in they will be lovely again. All chickens will scratch around (your favorite)plants to get the bugs, frogs, snakes, and I have even watched them attack and kill a mouse in their pen. So much for organic vegetarian diet! They will eat things they aren't supposed to, like rhubarb leaves. They can be so sweet but not too bright! We have to protect them for their own good.
There is no getting around it ~ if you want to have a beautiful yard and flower beds and vegetable gardens, the chickens need to be kept in a pen or fenced out of the gardens. I let mine out everyday during the fall/winter months and have to be sure to lock them up at night as a guard against preditors. I may let them out for a bit during the day in the spring/summer if I am going to be outside so that I can monitor their whereabouts. When I get tired of chasing them out of the garden or flowers I put them back in their yard. (They need to be bribed back into their yard with tasty treats like bread!)I do feel bad that they can't get out more, but I feel real bad when they eat my plants! To help ease my conscience, I give them the weeds and extra lettuce and other greens from the garden. In fact, I grow a row of Chard just for them. They love chard!
That is my advice for your chickens. Good fences and a firm conviction!
Now, I am off to buy some more chicks today!

Barbara said...

What a cute way to share about your "pets"..I grew up on a farm so I can identify with all you said about them...especially their personalities. The only thing that I can remember my Mom did to keep them out of her beds was "shoo" them away and put them back in the "coop". I also loved your Secret Sister those towels. Have a blessed weekend!

living from glory to glory said...

Carrie, just so funny I also have chickens and they are starting to moult and they will be featherless soon. But alas they will grow back. We have 40acers and I always keep my chickens penned up as they destroy everything in the1 yard.
They ate a prize winning tangerine mum plant and I cried like a baby! Long story" Love A chicken lover" Roxy



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