Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Case Of The Missing Eggs~

My chickens~girls have had a rough winter. They are starting to look a little better with sunshine and bugs once again. I was so excited about a month ago I started getting 12 eggs a day. I only have 12 chickens~so this great production. However ~I now have a few in moult season again. But still I was only getting about 6 eggs -this past week. Well I have farm boy around here that has been using my bail of straw for target practice and unraveled the giant ball of straw. My girls think this is great. They love playing in it! I rake it up and they string it out again. I noticed they were making nest UNDER the coop. You guessed it. I got a rake and started raking egg after egg from out of under the coop. Not knowing how long they had been under there. I took all the eggs and scrambled them up and fed them back to the girls. The eggs appeared just fine and the girls enjoyed their meal of scrambled eggs. I now must check under the coop each day for the missing eggs!


Mrs A said...

oh girl, how funny! I thought my hens were the only ones that played hide and seek with me! I seem to always be trying to track them down! I love your blog ;)

The Whirling Dirvish said...

I am learning so much from your blogs!! After things get a little smoother around here I'll be making my own laundry soap! Our family (long term) plans on having chickens and living a more frugal and green lifestyle! Who knew that chickens were smart enough to hide their own eggs! :)

Tanya said...

How cute of a story is that!!!! That is so funny!! Now Momma hen knows....It reminds me of a child hiding toys under their bed!!! I'll bet production numbers go up again for you... :)

AnnaMarie said...

I have to say I never knew that chickens were cannibals!! That is too funny that they ate the scrambled eggs afterwards! Your life sounds so fun and exciting. If you decide to have an intern/shadow position in your daily life, I will be the first applicant!! (=

Linda Stubbs said...

That is a cute story!!!!! I am so glad you found the eggs! Old stinky eggs are not cool!!!! Don't you just love farm fresh eggs?

Blessings, Linda

Patty said...

Too funny! I'm sure you will find more eggs now.

AnnaMarie said...

Wedding plans are moving along quickly! I may have a post about a possible honeymoon destination change soon (=
I just love your blog. You are so cool!!

A Gardner's Cottage said...

Silly Girls! i love that you shared that with us today. It has been a rough day here and that made me smile.

Vintage Girl said...

That's funny! Their sure are fun to watch. I can't wait to get our chickens in a month or so and have farm fresh eggs again, nothing like them!



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