Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Thankful Tuesday~ Another Episode Of Driving Miss BIllie

This morning I am driving Miss Billie in her vintage ~like new Cadillac~ to Overland Park, Ks to take her beloved cat~who has Cancer and needs treatment~ to the Hospital. So if you happen to see an antique Caddy, (huge I might add) an 85 year old Miss Billie with a big hair lady driving down the highway~just know it is me driving Miss Billie.

If you would have asked me to take on this task of loving Miss Billie a year ago I would have gracefully declined. But I know God has placed me in Billie's life to lead her to the saving knowledge of Jesus. Can I ask all you Godly blog friends to pray? My time is running out. Gotta run~ while you are on your knees please pray the antique Caddy makes it all the way.

Miss Billie believes the cat will feel more at home in her own car!

I really am blessed and feel very thankful for this wonderful life I live. Walking in the will of God is the greatest job in all the world~

Thank You Lord~

As the world looks upon me, as I struggle along
They say I have nothing, but they are so wrong
In my heart I'm rejoicing, how I wish they could see
Thank you Lord, for your blessings on me

There's a roof up above me
I've a good place to sleep
There's food on my table
And shoes on my feet
You gave me your love Lord
And a fine family
Thank you Lord, for your blessings on me

Now I know I'm not wealthy, and these clothes , they're not new
I don't have much money, but Lord I have you
And to me that's all that matters, though the world cannot see
Thank you Lord, for your blessings on me


Patty said...

Have prayed. It's true, we are blessed in the Lord and thankful. Have a great day with Miss Billie and the Lord!

Goodwife said...

I'll say a prayer for you and Miss Billie. Did you write the poem? It's beautiful!

Horse Filled Days said...

Poor Miss Billie, I sure hope her cat recovers....cancer in cats is never good, and usually the prognosis is poor. How sweet that she wants to go in her car for the sake of the cat.... :) I bet it is so much fun driving her around and taking her places...not to mention all the things you must learn from her many years of experience! Have fun with Miss Billie, I'm sure every minute you spend with her is a blessing!


Nezzy said...

Today my dear, you are Miss Billie's angel. May you have a great day with the lovely lady.

God bless ya and have a wonderful Wednesday!!!

Tanya said...

You have such a good heart and are so giving of time and love. This is such a good example FOR ALL to see your light shine. God will be in the backseat of the Caddy with you...smiling down upon your fun, eventful, day. Let us know how it goes.

Barbara said...

Will pray for her indeed, praying God will use you to lead this dear woman to him. Have a great day, and happy fishing...Hugs

jamjar said...

I love your description of yourself as a "big haired lady"...how cute. Bless you for driving miss billie! Said the prayer for you and the caddie!

Granny Annie said...

I know Miss Billie is blessed by your presence in her life.

AnnaMarie said...

There is truly no better place to be than in the will of God! Even if we sometimes have to do things we didn't think we wanted to ;) Have a good evening!

gail said...

Bless you Carrie.

Blessings Gail



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