Thursday, May 13, 2010

Operation Fish Rescue~

It has rained and stormed here on Farming On Faith all week. Last night it stormed hard enough to move the net from the overflow on our pond. So this morning we were faced with thousands of fish on the other side of our levy. Flopping and gasping for air~ well when did I get so soft to care about thousands of baby fish gasping for air?  I just couldn't tell you that~I just know somewhere along the way I did!

Here is our Caleb saving the day by rescuing all the fish. Grandma called in the middle our our day long rescue mission and said, " It's provision, just eat the fish."  Somehow that defeats the purpose of rescuing them. I think it will take several more days to save them all. Most are safe and sound and back in the pond. I can hear Miss Billie already when I share the story with her tomorrow~"What a traumatic experience for the dear fish."

If you would have told me 2o years ago~ that this city girl  would be here on a hobby farm rescuing fish, bathing chickens, cleaning chicken poo and shooing away fox and coyotes. I would have called you crazy. What did I do with all my free time before this life we lead at Farming on Faith?


Green Acres in the City said...

I understand. I used to be such a city slicker with perfect hair, nails and clothes. Now I am a SAHM, urban homesteader, sewer, yoga pants and pony tail wearing wife. Wow, amazing how unexpected changes in you life become blessings. The Lord works in amazing ways. I really enjoy your blog! Where are you in Missouri, I am in Kansas City.

Beautifully Veiled said...

I believe it. Five years ago I was living in a bungalow on a postage stamp in the inner-city, hanging out at Starbucks, riding my motorcycle, wearing tight jeans and Harley boots and leather chaps. Woo baby...they wouldn't recognize me now. Baby chicks in the basement, milking a cow, sewing like a mad can't get any better!!! I'll take mouth to mouth trying to breath life into baby puppies any day over my old life of perfect hair and nails!! Junior league? Country club? Wow....who was that woman??
Linda in GA

Tanya said...

All is good and right in your world!! What a tender heart!! I think I would probably be attempting the same thing. And you sure made a wonderful memory...ha! Farm girl you are!

Question? I've got a laundry basket full of supplies for laundry soap recipe. But can't find Washing Soda...looked at a bunch of stores...where do you get it? Thanks...

Nancy M. said...

Funny how life changes! Glad y'all were able to save the fish!

Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Hi Carrie,
This was such a great post, and as one who has fish in her pond like you do, please tell Caleb, what a hero he is. And while you are at it please send us some rain, we are in a serious drought. As always I enjoy my visit with you. Also congratulations on being featured by Gooseberry patch.
and hugs,



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