Happy June 1st ~Daybook

FOR TODAY~ Happy June 1st My Blog Friends~

Outside my window...  It looks like another 90-degree day. The garden is growing and that is so exciting. I just can't wait for fresh veggies. Still have not found those pepper plants. 

I am thinking... I am going to be playing with Boston this time next week. 

I am thankful for... air conditioning~ woohoo!

From the learning rooms... I am officially calling summer break!  Let the fun begin. Friends spending the night.  Campfires by the pond~ making smores. Fishing in the paddle boat. Sunbathing~ working in the garden~ and just plain giving our minds a break and having some good old fashioned summer fun. 

From the kitchen... hmmm not sure yet. I am planning menus for the month of June. My daughter, son-in-love and of course BOSTON will be arriving next Monday for a two-week visit! If you can't tell I am overflowing with uncontrollable excitement. I have not seen my grandbaby in six months!!!! Which is way too long!!!

I am wearing... a sundress.

I am creating... Planning stages of a painted window for a Wedding present this weekend. 

I am going... to deep clean today. Plan menus ~I will be sharing many menus in the next couple of days as I plan our meals for the next three weeks. I like to make special meals when all the kids come home! My blog seems to be a great recipe file. 

I am reading...  The Mailbox ~the author has a wonderful blog. You can visit her here

I am hoping... to get my to-do list done today. 

I am hearing...  I am listening to Beth Moore's Podcast for today. She kicks me into gear! I love Beth Moore.

Around the house... it looks and smells like summer. I am planning on a lazy summer. REALLY!!!

One of my favorite things... Lipton Raspberry Tea with a tiny bit of sugar and lots of ice, a good book and laying in the sun~after the to-do list! (of course)

A few plans for the rest of the week: Baking and cooking some things that can be frozen for next week. Don't miss my Navajo Taco recipe below this post!

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing...

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  1. Carrie,
    What a fun day book you have! Love the pictures that you have posted and the link to a new author that I am definitely going to check out soon. And, I am with you...bring summer on!!

  2. It does not seem that long ago that you were showing us pictures of snow Carrie! Our winter has officially arrived and the rain is pouring down today. I will look forward to your recipes and hearing of all your preparations... you have your spare camera batteries ready? And of course you have Hannah who will be taking lots of adorable photos of Boston in her unique style. I'm sure this week will fly by for you!

  3. Hi Carrie,
    I always enjoy reading daybooks, thank you for sharing yours. Love the photos too.

  4. Hi Carrie,
    Haven't been on much lately...working myself to exhaustion outside getting ready for wedding! 12 days! Yikes! SO excited for you that your kiddos and BABY are coming for a great long visit. You will have a blast!! I'll bet you won't be putting that baby down. :) Can't wait to see pics of everyone. New book looks great...going to get started on Galen book you gave me soon. I just love the laid back feel of summer and the tea drinking as well!! We make a lot of sun tea! Will talk again soon!!! Keep up the relaxing and resting!

  5. Carrie, I got my pepper plants at Jamesport the same time I got my cumcumber, tomato, and lettuce. I don't know why but Jamesport plants are awesome!
    Have fun with your sweet grandchild, maybe I will see you at city wide garage sales in Savannah this weekend!


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