Monday, June 14, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook Writing~June 14, 2010

Outside my window... I see a  blue Missouri heron at the end of the dock on the pond. He visits several times a day but I can count on him early each morning. He is searching for breakfast. As I type I see him catch a big fish~what an amazing Creator we serve. We call our visitor George.

I am thinking... I need to get moving. You know Father's Day is Sunday. I need to run to town to do some shopping!

I am thankful for...  as preached at our church~ yesterday by Brother Dave~ we all have giants to face and battles to win but we are God's children so the battle is already won. Praise God. We just need to keep fighting the good fight and listening to the voice of our Heavenly Father. We are on the winning team!

From the learning rooms... You must be kidding~ we are on summer break. 

I just have to share a post from the Familyman here to all my homeschool moms out there. It is summer ~have some fun!  Last week I went to the Dollar Tree and sure enough I hear a Homeschool Mom sounding just like this in the next isle. She was making a lesson out of preparing for a garage sale. They were seriously calculating how much money her son could make on each drink choice. I walked around the corner and sure enough I knew this Homeschool Mom~ I shared this with her too~so funny!

The Familyman
Todd Wilson, Familyman Ministries

Todd Wilson
Taken from The Homeschool Magazine Weekly E-mail

OK, here's the deal, Mom: Summer is fun. Don't ruin it by "schoolifying" it. Don't try to make every fun moment a school moment. I've heard you before:

"Ooo . . . look at that butterfly . . . let's all look at it and imagine what it would be like to be a butterfly. Can anyone identify the thorax? Who knows what the Latin name for butterfly is?"

"Now that we're back from the lake why don't you write a small paragraph about your experience."

"Sure, you can go outside . . . but take your nature journal."

Am I the only one that feels nauseous after hearing that kind of homeschool-speak? Mom, don't worry about MAKING summer fun, just let it happen. It will be fun . . . I promise. Just don't get in its way.

I'm going to have some unreported, uneducated fun right now . . . go and do the same.

Be Real,

From the kitchen... Semi~Homemade donuts!

I am wearing...  a lavender and black summer skirt and a black t-shirt. I love skirts in the summer~

I am creating... memories with my kids. Boston goes home Sunday. I am just not sure if I can let him get on that plane!

I am going... to town!

I am reading... nothing~ I have a whole pile of books to read for reviewing. I love to read over the summer. I will start on them next week.

I am hoping...  for a trip to my Amish neighbors soon! I am dreaming of the Amish food that awaits at my favorite restaurant. 

I am hearing... birds singing~ lots of birds making a melody. 

Around the house... total peace and quiet. My Brian just left for work and all the kids are sleeping including little Boston. Oh~ he is the cutest thing ever. 

One of my favorite things... crawling into My Brian's arms after a long busy day. Tomorrow is our Anniversary. I am thankful we are still in love after all these years. Our love has stood the test of time. We have had many joys and a few sorrows but I am blessed to walk this life with My Brian. We are loving being grandparents together. This is a brand new joy~

A few plans for the rest of the week: Make lots of memories and lots of smooches. 

Here is picture for thought I am sharing... 

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Patty said...

Carrie, I hope you have a wonderfully, fun summer! I couldn't help but smile at your new music. Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah! Happy Anniversary to you and Brian.

amber waves of grain said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope your day is a special one! Enjoy your adorable grandson-- thanks for sharing pictures with us.

Marmee's Pantry said...

Happy Anniversary! And...OH!...Don't you just LOVE those sweet, slobbery, wet baby kisses?!

Blessings from Ohio...

momoflots said...

Oh, I love that picture!! Baby kisses are the BEST!! My father-in-law just got home from a trip to Ohio and brought me back 1/2 a wheel of Amish cheese!! I was THRILLED - it's so yummy!! Amish food is just not available here in Washington State. And thank you for that reminder to have fun this summer. After a super busy spring with a graduation I mentioned to my hubby just last night that I am just spending this summer PLAYING with the kids - and I have to admit I am going to have to remember how to play - but it will be good!!!!

momoflots said...

And P.S. - Happy Anniversary!! Godly marriages are a treasure to cherish!!

Melinda said...

I love that excerpt from Todd Wilson! So true! It was just the excuse I needed to relax! ;)

Have a special anniversary!

Camille said...

Yaay....what a great post Carrie! May the LORD bless you with MANY more years with your Brian!! How precious you have had your Boston there with you...what a wonderful picture you included here today. He is a cutie pie! :)


Happy Times said...

It is so hard to get out of the homeschooling mode for the summer!

Happy Anniversary!



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