Friday, July 2, 2010

Jewels Is Confused~ Fabulous Friday

It is a fabulous Friday at Farming On Faith once again. Boy~ these Fridays roll around faster and faster.

Jewels is confused. I only have a flock of hens with no rooster. I was warned to beware of adding a rooster because they are mean. 

I remember as a young child going to gather eggs with my Grandpa. Those mean roosters would chase me and peck me. On more than one occasion I would loose track of time while playing with the baby rabbits and Grandpa would go back to the house without me. I would stay cooped in that rabbit coop for as long as I could and then make a mad dash run~ for my dear life~ to the pasture's gate. It was no funny matter. It happened time and time again. 

So Farming On Faith has no rooster. Therefore we have no fertile eggs. However~

Jewels has been sitting in the nesting box for two weeks. She thinks she is going to hatch those eggs.  She fusses at me and the other hens every time we enter the coop. The problem is that she is in the box that all the girls lay their eggs in. We have four nesting boxes but they all want to lay in the end box. So as you can imagine all morning we have a chicken war~for Jewels will not get out of the box~creating a traffic jam all morning. They sound like a flock of hens gone to war~you never heard such arguing. They all just push and shove and try to lay in the box together. The most that can possibly fit in that box is three. And believe me they are packed in and top of each other like sardines.

Several times a day I pick her up and put her in the yard. She will quench her thirst and eat a bite or two and head back to lay on the eggs. She is keeping them as safe and warm. As you can see from the picture I have to take the eggs from her. I think she thinks she is going to hatch those eggs. She is going to be waiting a long time~poor Jewels!

I am looking forward to a lazy 4th of a July weekend. We will be celebrating the Holiday with our church family with dinner on the grounds after morning church followed by our evening service being held after lunch.  

Today~ I am off to drive Miss Billie. 8)

 I am looking forward to our day together. I will be taking to Miss Billie to take all her recycling to the center. Miss Billie says, "We only get one earth ~we best take care of the one we have."  Then this Baptist girl will be taking Miss Billie to a Friday afternoon Episcopal service and then to lunch. After that we will float in her pool. Miss Billie loves soaking up some sun and water as much as I do. I am sure to have a fabulous Friday. I hope you will too!

Isaiah 65:14 

 14Behold, my servants shall sing for joy of heart,


Lands Family Led by the Lord said...

Mae Mae my 3 year old loved looking at the rooster. I read her the story. Have a nice Friday.
PS.. I added your button to my blog. We are a farming family also. Just finished our harvest season.

Shelley said...

That poor confused hen. I can only say that some days, I'm confused too. :-). This sunday after church services, I will be attending the first annual white trash barbeque. (There's really nothing trashy about the women who formed this group. They are all servants of God and they are a tremendous blessing in my life). I hope that you and your family have a fabulous 4th of July weekend and that you are all covered in God's grace.

Michelle said...

I have a brooder hen too! (no rooster) We take her out every day in hopes she will give up. But still no luck. Guess we just have to keep trying.

Mrs. C said...

I love hearing about your chickens. We would love to have chickens of our own. Maybe someday. Hope you have a blessed day!

Barbara said...

Yes some times hens do that, I think it is called moating, they are ready to nest and they start sitting on the eggs, they are not smart enough to know there is not rooster to fertilize them, heehee, hens are like women, they love making a home an nest for their family, heehee, bless you my friend, and enjoy your hens, I do not have roosters either, mine were not mean, they just kept my poor hens picked raw, so none here..Hugs and have a blessed weekend.

Flat Creek Farm said...

Poor Broody Jewels! Let me make a case for having a rooster. I've never had a mean rooster (in my past chicken life several years ago). Occasionally I would see one of them 'drag a wing' and know I best not pick him up at that time.. but all in all, they were little gentlemen :) So far, my new little rooster is as sweet as pie, and I'm looking forward to his hearty crow someday soon ;) That being said, you can feel free to laugh if I happen to mention something in the future about a "mean rooster."
Have a wonderful day with Billie.. it really sounds like fun!-Tammy

MyJourneyBack said...

Oh looks like you just need to buy her some chicks to mother! You been wantin' more chickens haven't you! I hope you enjoyed your fri I read part of your post last night but didn't finish till this. Sounds like you live in a wonderful place. Enjoy it

BECKY said...

Aaawww...poor little Jewels. That must be frustrating for her. She'll probably get it eventually!

How blessed Miss Billie is to have you, Carrie.

Hope your Fourth is filled with JOY!



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