Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Miss Billie's Weather Forecast~

Oak Fruit

Photo Credit~Suat Eman

As you all know I spend my Friday afternoons with Miss Billie. She is one witty~over educated~ 85 year old who I have fallen in love with. Through a friend of a friend~ I have been driving Miss Billie now for almost two years. I have learned some amazing things from her.  She is a walking history book and has traveled to many parts of the country. Each Friday seems to unravel a new story or a bit of history that Billie shares with me.  I suppose if I live to be 85 I will have much to share too!

Miss Billie is a friend to all creatures~she feeds the raccoons, the birds, the squirrels and any other creature in need. She refuses to kill even a spider. She is an exceptional gardener with flowers and prize winning roses. And~she grows tomatoes out of this world.

In the front of Miss Billie's house stands a tree that is shedding acorns like none other. You have to dodge them as you walk up her drive way. They are the fattest ~acorns I have ever seen. Miss Billie assures me that the tree has not produced such a large harvest in three decades~thus it is God's way of providing for her  friends~the squirrels!  Those squirrels have been busy as a bee trying to bury those acorns. Miss Billie says ~ "I have oak trees growing all over my flower bed~the least they can do is remember where they put the darned things."

She predicts that because of the abundant crop ~we who live in the Midwest are in for a very hard and long winter.  I do have to warn you~Miss Billie usually turns out to be right ~most of the time.


Kelle said...

I'd comment more often on your blog, but for some reason it takes forever and a year to load( we're on high speed too) and then I often times get kicked off*sigh*

What a blessing your friend Miss Billie is and I too treasure all of the older christian women in my life.:o) In fact I PTL daily for them and their husbands and the knowledge they so willingly share with our family. The elderly are portrayed " in the world" as being trouble, but in reality they should be truly treasured, sad isn't it?
Blessings for your day,

Down On The Farm said...

I hope Miss Billie is wrong, but, we are wise to listen to our elders!!!

momoflots said...

I love weather forecasts like this - ones made by wise people who observe the world around them! I bet she's right! One other reason why she may be right is that I am of the belief that there are a lot of scientists with all their "Knowledge" believe that they can predict the future - the only thing is that they have taken God out of the equation. So I think He may confound their predictions with surprisingly cold winters for a while :0)!! We already have two feet of snow on the mountain pass nearest us!!! In October!!!!

Mrs.C said...

I don't know where momoflots lives, but, all I can say is BRRRRR! I'm just not ready for snow yet. We're just now cooling down into REAL fall temperatures. We've had a few teasings here and there, but it seems cooler fall temps are finally here.

What a blessing to you, Carrie, to have Ms. Billie in your life. I love the elderly! I can't say I'm excited to hear her weather predictions, I'm just not a winter person. ;o)

Tanya said...

I wish I had a Miss Billie to learn from! How wonderful and what a blessing for you.
I was debating to order that book Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball...I think I will!! You gave it great reviews and maybe it will get me in the spirit!! Thanks!

Sue said...

I always enjoy reading about yours and Miss Billie's adventure Carrie,
I hope this weather prediction doesn't apply to us here in the south, as we had a long hard winter. Right now though we can't seem to get the heat and humidity gone, 89 degrees today. I will be checking our oak trees this week. My grandmothers all predicted the upcoming seasons by God's creation. Thank you for sharing, as always such a blessing to visit you.

Melinda said...

We all need a Miss Billie in our lives. What a treasure! We live just a few miles north of you folks - just over the Iowa border and I sure hope she's wrong about the weather!

Diana said...

Don't doubt her for sure!!!



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