Monday, November 8, 2010

Scents Of The Season Gingerbread Bubble Bath~ Frugal Gift Idea

* This bottle is one I saved from my Olive Oil~I save bottles that are pretty. I also shop the Second Hand Stores, Antique Malls and the Dollar Stores for decorative bottles.

Gingerbread Bubble Bath Recipe
By Farming On Faith


16 ounces of unscented shampoo
3/4 cup  of water
1/2 teaspoon salt
15 drops of Gingerbread fragrance oil  (give or take to your liking)

*Optional~ Food Coloring

Pour shampoo and water into a bowel. Stir gently until it is mixed. Add salt and mix. Then add the fragrance oil. Place in a decorative bottle and add a tag.

* Fragrance oil can now be bought at Walmart.  I think candle oil is stronger. I buy mine from Natures Garden Candle Supply online or you can find it at Craft Stores in the candle supply isle. Remember to use coupons to keep the cost down if you buy from the craft stores. Natures Garden is cheaper and stronger. I use this in my Laundry Soap, Fabric Softener, candles and crafts. It is worth the effort of buying online of you are making all these items.


Aliene said...

You come up with such neat ideas. So easy to make. I'm trying to come up with something for my Sunday School Class. I have 3rd grade girls,a
age 9 yrs. I am going back and check your older post. Thanks for sharing these ideas.

Treasures Evermore said...

This sounds sad that I cannot do "anything" with scents...or I would walk around with a migraine all day. But that will make a lovely gift for someone...or perhaps "yourself":-)


Tanya said...

This is the cutest idea!!!!! An olive oil bottle....who would have thought! Ha! I love it...what a great idea! You are so creative! I so appreciate your ideas! :0)

momoflots said...

What a great idea!! I am sad to say though, that this year I can't use this idea as morning sickness is keeping me from anything that smells at all strong - even things that I ordinarily love!! Weird - I don't really understand what a very sensitive sense of smell has to do with growing babies :0)!! I am keeping my crochet hook busy though - that is something I can do right now!!! I love all your ideas though and will keep them in my memory bank for times that I can use them!!!


Life In a Little House said...

This is a great idea where do you get the gingerbread scent? if you where I could find that could you let me know ~Thanks for sharing I love all the stuff you post I am always learning something new over here!! ~Love Heather

Life In a Little House said...

lol I just saw that left a note where to buy it hehehe I will have to look for that online Thanks Love Heather

Mrs.C said...

Love the new look of your blog! So pretty!

What a great idea! (bubble bath) I bet it smells wonderful!



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