Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Use Those Fallen Leaves!

The chill in the air is getting a bit colder~before long the snow will be falling. It is time to put the garden to bed for winter.  Leaves make a wonderful organic mulch. I am going to cover the entire garden with fallen leaves today.

For years at our old home ~we would rake leaves for weeks. We even had a Family Leaf Raking Day.  The kids all grumbled and complained but today it brings such fond memories for us all. We had work mixed with fun and laughter~ with a few marshmallows roasted for good measure. How how I miss those days!

 Farming On Faith has no leaves.  We have planted lots of trees but they are not very big yet. So I called my old neighbor and asked her if I could have hers. She thought I had lost my mind. LOL

 Leaves serve as a mulch to prevent early spring weed growth.

Leaves work well because they will not need to be removed come Spring. They can just be tilled into the garden come Spring. In the end they will decompose and enrich the soil. This also works well for any flower beds or landscaped areas.

Happy Raking~


Aliene said...

I can just imagine what my neighbor would think if I ask for leaves. We have so many. My husband just uses the lawn mower and cuts them up back into the soil. Piles the rest around flowers etc.

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

I stopped rakin' those old leaves years ago. I do however ride around on my big old lawn tractor and mulch 'em up leavin' them lay to feed the soil. My grass and flower gardens love it!

God bless ya sweetie and have the most amazing day!!!

Jennifer said...

I never rake leaves, we don't have enough to mess with.

Tanya said...

Hi friend,
I loved this post about'm usually not a raker BUT I'm thinking....#1 exercise #2 mulch #3 sure would make my yard look better! HA! I just love your "former" house! WOW...I bet it was so hard to leave that beautiful place. However you are now in a gorgeous country setting with a beautiful home as well. The house in "town" just seems like the white picket fence scenario! HA! As soon as I get over this bronchitis/no sound coming out stuff, I may just get a little raking in! :0)
Hope you are feeling better! Ready for Daylight Savings Time? I don't like the early darkness though.

living from glory to glory said...

Greetings, Now how do you find all the time for raking leaves and blogging? So enjoy all you do and posting all those great topics.
May you have a wonderful Fall and Thanksgiving!
Living from His glory. Love, Roxy

robbitl said...

Thank you for your blog. It is such great inspiration to me. I just started my blog and am very green at it. I am the womens ministry leader at my church and love to share your blog with my ladies. May God bless.



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