Friday, January 1, 2010

A Sami Update~

When we moved to the country I knew I wanted to get chickens. I have been following a blog from a Chef named Terry Golson. Her blog is the Hen Cam ~you can visit her here. During the daylight hours you can see her girls in action with her live web cam. She has been such a help with my chickens. She emailed me with help for my Sami.

I want to thank all of you for your advice and much needed help. I took all of your advice. And I am so thankful for all your kind words and support.

I brought her in the house and got her warm. She then got an antiseptic bath and a critter killer dip. You don't know what you are missing until you give a chicken a bath. It took My Hannah helping to get it accomplished. But we survived!

She had no parasites on her and her vent was clean and not bleeding. Chicken farming is not for the squeamish! After her bath we used the blow dryer to dry her feathers until she was nice and dry. It takes a very long time to get a chicken dry!! And she really needed a bath~if you get the picture.

Terry recommended we give her an antibiotic for a week but we have to wait for UPCO to open tomorrow! She has perked right up with only sneezing now. I am concerned about her being in a warm house but after her bath I do not want her in the cold. I am going to give her a week of meds and then take her to the Garage for a week or so before she goes back out to her coop~providing all continues to go well. She is a very well behaved house guest except when Emma, our dog goes by her kennel. She is very timid and is not sure she wants to be friends.

I am not sure why she stands out in the cold all day. The others go back into the coop. My Brian does not feel the others are the reason. They have all been siblings since Easter. Although she is a bit different with no neck she is accepted just always on the bottom of the pecking order. My Brian is afraid she does not know when to come in out of the rain. I am going to keep a watchful eye as I always have. The coop is in view of my kitchen window. I may just have to put her back into the coop each day several times a day to keep her from staying out in the cold to long.

The others are well and show no signs of any respitory problems.

Sami is resting well in a kennel inside my kitchen. She has been babied all day by my Hannah who took her to the basement for several airings. I think she is going to be just fine.

Calling All Chicken Farmers~Sami is sick!

Sami~ who gets constant picking on~ would rather stand outside than in her coop with all the pestering~ is now sick. She has her head tucked in and she is sneezing. I need help!

I have her in the kitchen in a kennel~I can take any advice you have to offer! I have contacted the HenCam's Teri Colson and I am waiting on a reply. Please e-mail me!



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