Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sadie On Fire~

With the freezing cold temps~ I have been going out to check on my girls giving them water and treats to make being locked up in the coop a bit more bearable. It is so cold I am keeping them in the coop with a heat lamp on even during the day.

Today on our lunch break I ran out to have a look~ see to make sure all was well. I opened the door to smell something burning. I look up and under the light Sadie was smoking~no kidding. I immediately ran to the house to unplug the extension cord to the heat lamp. I ran back to check on Sadie and sure enough her back feathers were burnt. The lamp is hanging from the ceiling and has been fine for the past several days. I think with the temps getting colder Sadie was trying to get a little closer to the heat. Oh my stars~this Momma Chicken was upset for sure!

I put the heat lamp up higher and I have checked on them all evening. It won't keep them as warm but at least they will not catch fire.

This city girl is beginning to question my chicken farming abilities. I am so worried about the cold! I covered their combs with petroleum jelly to prevent frost bite and they did not appreciate that at all! Hannah and I managed to get all 11 girls protected.

Sami is looking really good~and still in the kitchen. She is still taking well to the pampering. My Hannah said Sami reminds her of Big Bird. She is a funny bird for sure. She knows when we are talking to her and she answers us back in her language. We will miss her when she goes back to her coop!

The wind chill temp tonight is to be -25 below~I hope the girls do alright. The last I checked~ they were all munching on some fresh apples and romaine lettuce happy as could be. I have been only getting 1-2 eggs a day. With the heat lamp on all day today I was blessed with 4 eggs.

It has been a long cold day ~good night my blog friends.



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