Sunday, February 21, 2010

I'm Dreaming Of A Spring Garden...............

I am dreaming of a Spring garden..........................
I have been searching my seed catalog and checking it twice............

After being in Branson for a Married Couple's Retreat with 55 degree~sunny weather we have returned home to none other than more SNOW!!! It snowed 3-4 inches Friday while we were romancing in Branson. Then on our way home last night we ran into every kind of winter weather you can imagine~ice, freezing rain, drizzle and snow. We have about 6 inches more today. It is still snowing and we are to get more this evening. The Farmer's Almanac has sure been accurate this winter! I think I am convinced I will use the ol' Farmer's advice for planting my garden this Spring. Oh~Spring! I keep thinking surely it is around the corner. This is the worst winter that I can remember in years and years.

We had a wonderful time away. We stayed at the Chateau At The Lake in Branson.
The Retreat had over 350 couples from the surrounding five states.

I will share more about the retreat as I post through the week. Next year it will be February 18th and 19th also. If you live close you would really enjoy it!

For now we are shoveling and shoveling and shoveling and cleaning the chicken coop.

Let me answer the question several of you have asked about why I clean the chicken coop~ let me explain. Each day I gather 12 wonderful farm fresh eggs that we eat, share, and sell. If you have a wonderful clean coop ~your eggs are nice and clean. If you have a messy coop your eggs are not so clean~as in I don't want to eat them~ messy! Besides the fact I just love my girls and want them to be happy and well. The happier they are the better they lay. Chickens need to stay dry to stay well. The only way to keep the coop dry is to keep it clean and keep the shavings or straw dry.

Would you rather eat eggs from this? or~

And this would be One Happy Chicken~Layla. I think she is a cutie!

As I was cleaning the coop today Sami came down to chat with me. After her sickness she has been my little shadow and has developed such a friendly disposition. She is such fun. When I talk to her she just talks back in her little language! She is the cutest little bird~I think I should write a book about her.

Poor Chickens ~they just hate the snow. Their feet are not made to stand in the snow. They hold one foot up under their body at a time~to keep it warm. I will just keep them locked in their coop for the day with all the snowing and blowing. They are ready for Spring too!

Hope you are all having a Happy Lord's Day~ We are snowed in for another church day!



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