Thursday, April 1, 2010

Rabbits Don't Lay Eggs ~ Sami Update

Have you ever read the book " Rabbit Humbug"? I read to My Kindergarten class this week. It is such a fun book. The baby rabbits are just sure that their daddy is the Easter bunny. He assures them he is not for~ "Rabbits don't lay eggs." Granny is storing up her hen's eggs~Gracie by name~ for the Easter egg hunt with her grandchildren. The mouse in the story tells the baby rabbits that their daddy is the Easter bunny. But the devilish farm cat steals the eggs that Granny painted and throws them in the rabbit burrow. In the end the eggs hatch ~ so the young rabbits are thrilled with their new friends ~who get thrown out of Momma Rabbit's clean house. Granny and her grandchildren get the new chicks and everyone has a Happy Easter. All except daddy rabbit who is still trying to convince everyone that the ideas of an Easter Bunny is absurd because~ "Rabbits don't lay eggs!"

Here is our Easter Chicken for the day~laying our Easter eggs.

Just a small problem~Ginger is refusing to let me have our Easter eggs. Funny even though we have no Rooster~thus no baby chicks~ they still see the need to sit and guard their eggs. What an amazing Creator to give all the creatures the ability to do their God given job! I thought I was going to get pecked~but in the end this Momma Hen rules the roost!

Sami has become famous in her own rights~so here is a Sami update.

For those of you who do not know~Sami is a bit different than most chickens. She has no neck~well she has a very small one. So she does not walk, run or eat like the other chickens. Her head tilts to one side~making her coordination a bit off too. We knew from when she was just a new chick that Sami Bird would be our special bird~and that she is. The other girls would never let her sleep with them~so she had to always sleep on the bottom rung~which meant she got poo~ed on a lot. Poor girl. The others would also boss her around~not let her eat until they were done and make her stay outside in the freezing cold rain. She developed a respiratory infection due to that episode ~thus requiring Momma Hen to step in. And step in I did. She got a bath in our whirl pool tub, a blow drying and a warm bed in a kennel in the kitchen. Sami spent a couple of weeks on an antibiotic and getting much TLC. We became the talk of the town. I was stopped by perfect strangers ~saying, " I can't believe you gave that chicken a bath." I know it sounds crazy but I fell in love with Sami. That two weeks with Momma Hen transformed Sami. She is the smartest of the bunch and so very tame. I can call her name and she comes running. She loves to be petted~talked to and likes to follow me around the yard. Hannah has her doing tricks that dogs can do. She no longer sleeps on the bottom rung and she has shown the other girls she will no longer be bullied. She has become our favorite bird~such a good pet. We love our Sami~girl.

This would be My Hannah and Sami in my pantry~no really. She was feeding her treats. Talk about spoiled! It truly is fun to see her jump and fetch for food. She loves cake and cookies and Hannah likes to give them to her any chance she can.

Here is Sami where she is most all the time~right in the middle of her feeding dish.She is twice the size of her siblings and I am afraid she might have to go in a diet soon.
Stay tuned for a very special post~Farming On Faith's girls turn one tomorrow!

It is a beautiful sunny warm day at Farming On Faith and there is much to do ~So I am off for now. I hope you have a good and Godly day!



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