Friday, April 2, 2010

A Walk To Remember~

Greetings from Michigan! Yesterday we traveled all day from Missouri to Michigan. With a stocked snack basket, plenty of good books and good company we traveled across four states. The trip was such great fun. The trees are budding and the daffodils are in full bloom ~just breath taking. The weather was beautiful and I enjoyed the trip. Of course I had a new Amish book for the road~LOL
We stopped at the Abe Store in Lincoln, Illinois which is known for it's pop corn. It sits on the town square. What a fun visit we had to the little back in time town.
After our 13 hour trip we arrived to spend Easter with our Shindorf Family. Today we have an Easter Egg hunt on the schedule.
Last night My Brian took his family down this road for a walk to remember. As a young boy he would ride his bike down this gravel road back to the township cemetery. It speaks volumes of peace and tranquility. When he returns home he is greeted by the childhood home in which he spent all his days as a child. Each and every time he returns he likes to take us on a walk down memory lane~ this time was no exception. As we walk I love to hear him recount his days as a youth. Sometimes we hear the stories over and over again. Yet at times~ he surprises us with a new memory that returns from the corners of his mind. Sometimes he tells real stories that are so far fetched we know he has crossed over to fiction but a good story for the telling any way. As an educator~My Brian can weave a story to keep our children mesmerized~as children they believed all his stories. But as our children grew they just like to listen to their Daddy. What a treasure my children have been given to be blessed with My Brian as a Dad. As I walked hand in hand with My Brian down this dirt road~ I thanked God above for this amazing journey with this amazing man that I share this life with~it truly has been a "Walk To Remember."



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