Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Gipsy Girl's Photography~

Hannah Bell~Self Portrait

My Hannah will soon be graduating from High School. The first day we started kindergarten in our little homeschool room~ Hannah said, "Momma, I have better things to do." Life with Hannah all these 18 years has been a joy. Hannah has always colored outside the box. On May 8Th~ we we celebrate the closing of a chapter and will open the next. I have so enjoyed these 13 years of not just homeschooling her but being her mom. She had her camera out on our trip to Michigan and the night we returned . Here are just a few photos from My Gypsy Girl~

Gipsy Girl's Brother~Caleb
An Indiana Storm
A Michigan Sunset

Grandpa's Sunset
Grandma's Sunset
Dad's View
The Gipsy Girl~Herself



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