Friday, April 9, 2010

Fabulous Friday At Farming On Faith~

Do you ever get up early? I like to sometimes get up at 4:00 in the morning to have peace and quiet all to myself. This morning I am up at that hour sipping some Stash Tea. I am praising God this morning.

Yesterday~ I had a dear sweet follower want to apply for a job shadowing position as an intern of my life. You are a sweetheart~ Anna Marie. I am really not so exciting but I do love life! Then I read a dear blogging friend who felt~ by a comment left on her site~ that maybe she was giving unreal expectations~that her life was picture perfect. Of course she felt bad and apologized.

May I tell you~ life is hard? !!!! We all have trials and struggles. Some so deep and personal you just don't share them on your blog. Yet~my blog has become my joy journal. You know if you are praising God and being thankful for all the blessings in your life those trials in your life fade in the distance. It is not that we don't have them weighing on our mind. ~ I have learned to just leave them at Jesus' feet and sing for joy anyway. He is capable of handling all the heavy burdens in our lives. We can trust Him. So to my dear friend you just keep counting your blessings.

I had another blog friend that had faced a tragedy yesterday and visited my silly~Missing Egg Story ~and it made her smile. She needed a smile.

I pray that Farming On Faith is a blessing to those who visit. We are not picture perfect here~ we have many flaws and wrinkles but we do trust God and praise Him. Thank you for sharing in my joy journal. You my blog friends~ have become a part of my life. I pray for those who need prayer, I laugh at your funnies, I cry at times in your sorrow. Yes~my life has been enriched by meeting all of you. Oh and I have learned so many new things!

So that brings me to My Fabulous Friday~

It has been so very busy this week. I get a call from my girl in Washington when I start slipping on my posting each morning. She thinks something is wrong.

Here is phase 1 and our chicken coop in the background.

The garden has been tilled and planted. Do you know a small Victory garden will bring in about $2,000.00 in groceries? So guess what~My Brian decided to till two gardens this year. This is one and we have another garden tilled this same size. I am going for $4,ooo.00 in groceries this summer. Oh ~I felt so healthy when we ate out of our garden. It is so good for you. I just love going out to my garden for salads each evening. It really is not hard and counts for good exercise. I plan to can more this summer. I have my potatoes, onions, green onions and radishes planted. I plan on planting lettuce and peas this weekend. This will produce a nice Spring Salad in just s few short weeks.

Tomorrow~ My Hannah goes for her ACT~she would count it a blessing if you said a little prayer for her. She has a church friend coming for the night. We are going to study and I am making them a big hearty breakfast. Then this Momma is going to pray over them both. God can fill the gaps~that's what My Momma taught me. And~boy do I need Him to fill the gaps a lot!

I went to my mailbox this week and look what I found. My sweet new friend at The Sweet Seasons (pay her lovely blog a visit) sent me a Handy Dandy Chicken Farmer Apron. She said I could use it as my chicken coop apron. But it is so cute~I would not dream of that. I do wear aprons everyday! I have been wearing it all week. I am working on something special for her this weekend~what a blessing! I just love it! I just had to show you.

Today is my day that I spend the afternoon driving Miss Billie. Miss Billie will soon be 85~but does not look a day older than 70. She is a classy lady with excellent style and the grace of a dancer. I have just fallen in love with Miss Billie. She can be straight to the point~just as Miss Daisy in the movie. I am excited~ On our trip to Michigan I stopped in Normal, Il at the town square at Abe's Famous Store. I bought Billie gourmet gummy bunnies for a late Easter present.
I have so many funny stories to share about Miss Billie. Billie loves nature. She feeds all the birds in town ~along with the squirrels, raccoons and any other stray critter. She has a green thumb for sure.
Last summer I was weeding her front walk and there was a stray sunflower that had voluntarily planted itself right in the crack of the sidewalk. Now~it looked like a weed. So with my type A personality ~I have to have everything in it's proper place. And anyone knows a wild sunflower should not be in the middle of a crack in the front sidewalk leading up the front steps. WELL ~so I thought. I pulled Mr. Sunflower. Oh my stars when Miss Billie seen it~ she had a conniption fit. I mean a huge fit. She was furious~ "You killed Mr Sunflower." I explained that a wild sunflower that looked like a weed did not belong in the sidewalk. Miss Billie did not find the dead sunflower until hours later. You know what she did? She re-planted that wild sunflower~that looked like a weed. She staked it and tided it up. You are not going to believe it but My Sunflower came back to life~right in the crack of the sidewalk. Each time we passed it for weeks she would say~ "Come on Mr Sunflower~you are brave ~you can make it." And make it was just what Mr Sunflower did until late Fall.

It reads~ Carrie, Touch me not!
Here is the sign she hung from Mr. Sunflower. I will save it forever. It seems to be a reminder to her 85 year old tall ~graceful body ~that she can make it too. The lessons I have learned from Miss Billie are many. I too~ have learned a lesson to be strong and brave from her. Yes~my life has been blessed to call Miss Billie my friend! It is only once in a lifetime you meet a ~Miss Billie.

I pray you have a good and Godly day and remember to count your blessings! The day is calling so I am am going to make hay. 8)

Psalms 70:4

Let all those that seek thee rejoice and be glad in thee: and let such as love thy salvation say continually, Let God be magnified.



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