Sunday, April 11, 2010

Farming On Faith's Chickens Turn One~

Happy Birthday Girls~
One year ago today at 9:00 PM~ the post office called to tell us our chickens were in and we needed to come pick them up for the office would be closed Sunday. My brother-in-law went to pick up 60 baby chicks. They were the cutest baby chicks you have ever seen. The fun part was trying to tell which baby chicks were the certain kind that we all had ordered. We did good except I ended up with my one brother-in-law's Barred Rocks which is now my Ruby. By the time we were able to tell that Ruby was not ours I was already attached! So~Ruby remained at Farming On Faith and my brother-in-law ended up with a Black Star that was to be mine~he still ribs me about it.
I have to tell you I love my girls. That day I became a Momma Hen. My girls run when I call and follow me around the yard. They truly have become our pets. It has been such a joy and I can't believe we have reached their 1st Birthday. We are celebrating with chocolate chip cookies!

Here is our year in a view~



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