Saturday, April 17, 2010

Oh My! Tilly Found A Snake!~

As I was doing dishes I see Tilly running across the back yard with a super big worm~so I thought. All the other girls were chasing her at record speed. Upon further investigation I see it is none other than a baby snake. By now all of State Route W can here me calling my family. Forget about snakes in the road now I have one right on my found porch in my pet chicken's mouth. Hannah comes to my rescue~well maybe not. She loves snakes and decides to save it's poor dear life from Tilly. No kidding. Poor Tilly is never going to forgive Hannah for stealing her treasure. She was so proud of herself! The snake is now free to grow and get bigger. I can see it now~it will be in the chicken coop going after my eggs. I am sure 18 year girls are not suppose to want to save snake's lives. See~ I truly have lost all control at Farming On Faith. First chickens in the kitchen and now snakes on my front porch.
What is next for this city girl who is trying hard to conform to country living?



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