Thursday, April 22, 2010

There's A Sweet~Sweet Bird Singing In My Heart~

Psalm 40:3

3And he hath put a new song in my mouth, even praise unto our God: many shall see it, and fear, and shall trust in the LORD.

I just walked out and fed my chickens and let them out for the day. They are always so eager to start their day. They fly out the door and I have to duck or they mess up my hair~no kidding. They are happy to see me because I bring food. They bwok at me and we talk for awhile. I love my girls. This morning I stopped in my tracks and listened to all the birds singing their three part harmony around our land . It made me smile.

There's a sweet, sweet bird singing in my heart
singing such a happy little song.
There's a sweet, sweet bird singing in my heart,
singing such a happy little song.
The whole world round is way down in the dumps,
way down in the dumps~
Hi HO Cheerio ~
there's a sweet,sweet bird singing in my heart
singing such a happy little song.

I learned this song as a little girl in Sunday School. I have sang it to my children when they lost their song. I sing it to my kindergarten students in Sunday School and Homeschool Classes. It is a bit vintage~te he~ but I am beginning to be vintage myself. Last night in church ~during our weekly soul winning charge it was used to remind us how to find our song again. Have you lost your song? Have you ever started out the day with your song?~But how quickly it disappeared with an unkind word from someone you love. Sometimes you lose your song because life just just plain hard. Sometimes you lose your song because of disappointments.

Let's face it life has it's wonderful times and moments that take our breathe away. Yet~sometimes it seems like we are mice on a wheel doing the same thing over and over everyday. We all face trials everyday. I sometimes think would it matter to anyone if I were not here doing the same thing day after day? I hate pity parties and this is not one~I have told my children time and time again, "Pity parties are a waste of time." Nothing is helped by feeling sorry for ourselves!

So what is a girl to do when she has lost her song? If you want to find your song you have to go back to where you lost it. Only a personal walk with God can fill our hearts with a song. Pick up you Bible and read it until God softens your heart and speaks to you. Close your bedroom door and get on your knees. Pour out your heart to the Heavenly Father. Confess any sin that might be quieting your song and ask God to give you a song once again. If you have lost your song it is because you gave it away.

I am choosing to sing today~how about you?



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