Friday, April 23, 2010

When I Was A Child~I Spoke As A Child

Hannah captured this crazy picture while we were junking at an antique store.

Colossians 3:2

Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.

I have been reminiscing here lately about my days homeschooling Hannah. In 15 days I will close a chapter in my life with my daughter~she will graduate. I know that happens every day but I have homeschooled Hannah from kindergarten until now. We have played together, learned together and been friends. I am going to miss these days for sure. We laughed together and cried over Algebra~not either of our strong pursuits. When Hannah was born she looked like a little Papoose~she was just a bundle of joy. She never fussed or cried~she was just happy all the time. I mentioned this a couple of days ago but her very first day of school she told me she had better things to do than school. Hannah was a child and she spoke as a child. Teaching Hannah was a job, let me tell you. For she thought the world was passing her by while she was sitting at her school desk. Something happened as she entered high school. She began to grow up ~she realized she was going to have to get through all her studies even if the world was having fun without her. She would wake up eager to get her chores and her schoolwork done without me telling her what had to be done. Something happened~my little girl was growing up. She wasn't acting like a child any more~she had put away childish things~well for the most part. She still likes to have a good time. Hannah matured and her behaviour began to display her growth. I so enjoyed being a Mom to all my children but it would be unnatural for them to behave as children all their lives. I want them to grow up, serve God and have a family of their own. It is just God's plan. It would be terribly sad if my relationship with Hannah never progressed beyond now.

So it is in our Christian walk. God created us to bring Him pleasure. He wants a relationship with His children. He also wants to see His children to grow spiritually mature. The more and more I fellowship with Him the more I grow. I have been saved for 28 years I should be acting 28 years mature~ spiritually. I don't want to behave as a child. Just as I have grown to know my daughter through these years by spending day in and day out with her~I need to learn all I can about God. The Christian life is a journey of discovery through God's Word how He thinks, what He dislikes~who He is.

When we backslide or put God on a shelf for our own agenda or journey we get behind in our growing. Our Heavenly Father deserves to have children who grow steadily and decide to get up and do their chores and learning without being told what to do. We need to be learning daily in wisdom and knowledge just what it is that God wants from our lives.

To be a mature Christian we must realize that what God thinks is more important than what we think. For Heavens sake~let's grow up spiritually, so we can reach the potential God has given us.



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