Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How To Paint A Window~ Frugal Christmas Gift Idea

I pick up old windows anywhere I can find them. Usually you can find them at junk stores, antique malls and new and used store. I don't like to pay more than $4.00 a window. Anytime someone is replacing their windows~ ask if you can have some. They usually are destroyed.

Painted windows make a really nice gift. 

How To~
1. Sand frame.
2. Take newspaper and masking tape~ cover all the glass.
3. Spray paint frame~remove newspaper.
4. Paint the design you want. You can print images from the computer and  tape them to the back for an easy way to paint if you do not like to draw. This is great for sayings. I use cheap Apple Barrel Paints.
5. When you finish with your painting~let it dry. Then coat it with a clear spray paint. I give it about 5 coats ~letting it dry between coats. This is the time to add sprinkles and glitter if you wish. This will seal it and keep the paint from pealing off~works like a charm.
6. Place 2 sturdy screws on the back with heavy wire for hanging.

On this chandelier painting~ I sprayed the back of the window black.



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