Friday, November 5, 2010

Another Miss Billie Edition~ Fabulous Friday

I look forward to my Fridays with Miss Billie. and I know how you all love to hear about our adventures.   Each week we both dress up and head to her church. This is the actual building. It is just beautiful. Now mind you I am an IF Baptist who goes to church three times a week and sometimes more.~So this little service with Miss Billie adds one more church time but I don't mind. We usually have a history lesson from Mimi~whom is this sweet Grandmotherly type that you just feel like you want to hug. We then head to a little Italian restaurant on the next block. Miss Billie likes Scrimp Scampi and I try something new each week~ Spinach Ravioli seems to be my favorite. Miss Billie is great company~for she has seen so much in her 86 years.  I have learned so very much from her that would never have been found between the pages of a history book.

Last week we pulled next to a very large SUV~and she commented, " My goodness, those beast take up all the room."  Now that is funny because I am driving Miss Billie in her mint condition~ very large ~"Caddy."  I tried to find a picture of it on the net ~this is very close. To her "Old Gold" has been a very good and reliable friend.

Miss Billie called me this week ~she was so excited about the results of the election. But as she was leaving her voting place ~"Old Gold" died and her brakes locked up. She totaled "Old Gold" and two other parked cars. Thank the Lord Miss Billie was not harmed~nor anyone else. Due to the cash for clunkers it appears "Old Gold" may have to be put to rest. Her repair man can't find the needed parts~they all have been destroyed. 

 Needless to say Miss Billie was once again not happy with  President Obama. (In fact she called him a rotten man.)  You just have to understand~ She loves Old Gold!  She has a convertible yellow bug but she does not trust it to keep her safe. The yellow bug is just for fun. So~ I think car shopping may be in the mix for today's Fabulous Friday. 

 I am just so thankful Miss Billie is okay.   Stay tuned for the next edition of Carrie and Miss Billie's adventures. 

I pray you all have a Fabulous Friday~



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