Friday, December 3, 2010

The Scents Of The Season~

" And walk in love, as Christ also hath loved us,
and hath given himself for us an offering and
a sacrifice to God for a sweet smelling savour."
Ephesians 5:2

I love making and burning candles. December is my favorite time of year to smell all the Christmas fragrances. My favorite is Sleigh Ride~ it reminds me of many Shindorf Christmases in the past. I start getting excited late Fall and place my oil order. I delight in smells~ Sugar Cookie, Apple Jack, Cinnamon, Holiday Spice and so many more. A fire in the fireplace, a tree decorated and candles lit~ equals all is right in the world! I love to make big of Christmas!

Is there a scent that takes you back to another place and time?  

Do you know that God has a favorite smell? It is a sweet smell that stirs his heart and brings Him happiness. It is a not the smell of Sugar Cookies, Cinnamon Sticks, Pine Trees or even Candy Canes. It is not French Vanilla or Gingerbread~no it is sacrifice.

The Lord took many chapters in the Bible to describe to the Israelites how He expected them to offer sacrifices. He was very detailed and very clear on how He wanted them to give Him offerings. Over 45 times in the Bible our God tells His people that their sacrifices were a "sweet savour" to Him. Not every sacrifice smelled like a sweet savour to Him. In fact, He tells them that he wanted them to bring Him the first fruits of their harvest. But this was not a sweet savour to Him. (Lev. 2:12) Only those sacrifices of animals that were killed and burned were His "favorite fragrance." What about that certain smell reminded Him of a certain time and place that gave Him great happiness? You guessed it. The smell of burnt animal sacrifices reminded Him of the day that His Son would give His life for the world by dying on the Cross. Jesus gave the ultimate sacrifice, and God the Father loved the smell the most that reminded Him of the unselfishness of His beloved Boy.

When Noah walked off the ark after the flood, he wasted no time in the building of an altar and sacrificing animals to the Lord. At this time~ God smelled His favorite scent and He said in His heart that he would never again send a flood to destroy the earth~ Gen.18:20-22. The smell of Noah's sacrifice touched the heart of God and stirred Him to action.

As I watch My daughter with my grandson~Boston~  it takes me back to my early moments as a mother. I am reminded of just how much a mother loves her child and her willingness to sacrifice. A mother's love is a true example of sacrifice.

I sure have no intention of making a candle with the scent of burnt goats. We no longer must offer a sacrifice for our sins~yet there is a way I can offer sacrifice to the Lord. II Cor. 2:15 says that we are a sweet savour in Christ. Eph. 5: 2 shows us that when we love others and give ourselves sacrificially to others~ that reminds God of His Son Jesus and that is a sweet smelling savour to Him!

This month as we light our candles and decorate our homes, let us be reminded to offer up to our Lord His favorite fragrance~ the scent of sacrifice. Let us determine to sacrifice our own way, our own opinions and our desires on the altar of unselfishness. Let our God smell the savour of sacrifice as we give ourselves in loving others. This smell will give Him great happiness as it takes Him back to a time and place that is beautiful to Him- Calvary. All month long as well as all year long, let us burn with the sweet fragrance of Jesus Christ



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