Monday, February 16, 2015

More Snow~ Snow Pancake Recipe

 They are wonderful~ so light and fluffy! It really works.


2 cups of flour
1-tablespoon baking powder
½ teaspoon of salt
1 tablespoon white sugar
2 eggs well beaten
1-½ cups of milk

In a large bowel mix and sift the flour, baking powder, salt and sugar together. 
Combine the eggs and milk in another bowl.

Slowly add the milk  and egg mixture to the dry ingredients.

Stir well and set aside. The batter will be thick.

Next grease your griddle and get it good and hot.
When the griddle is hot, quickly go outdoors and scoop up fresh snow.

Fold in 1-½ cups of new snow and mix well.
Cook the pancakes as usual.

Tips For Snow Pancakes
Old snow won’t do.
Use only fresh, light and newly fallen immaculate snow. Small amounts of naturally occurring ammonia in fresh snow acts as a leaving agent and causes the pancakes to rise.
Ammonia in new snow will evaporate very soon after it has fallen.


Aliene said...

Oh, the things we don't know here in South Louisiana about snow! Hardly know what it is.
Now we hear you can make panckes with snow.
Blessings on your snow days!

Treasures Evermore said...

So cool...never heard of that before. Unfortunately, the snow we were to get isn't coming...but who knows.

A Gardner's Cottage said...

How fun!!! wish I would have none about this when my girls were little. Enjoy the snow!


Pamela said...

This is a new one to me. Now I really hope our snow gets here. You always have such interesting things to share -- love visiting you.

Tanya said...

HI Carrie,
What a fun fun thing to make. With all this great snow, why not? Maybe in the morning if we get fresh snow tonight....can you believe all this we are getting? How pretty!

mommyx12 said...

This is strange indeed. I look forward to trying it when we get our next snowfall. Now I have one for you and one I do intend to blog about. Eventually!!

One of our older daughters Robyn learned this from a friend. You take about 2 cups of fresh snow, add about 1/4 cup or so of sweetened condensed milk, and a teas. vanilla. I am not kidding you one bit, it truly does taste like the real thing!! Homemade ice cream. The kids loved it.

gail said...

Sadly Carrie we don't get snow where we live, but they sinus scrumptious. It all looks so pretty.

Blessings Gail

pilgrimscottage said...

Never heard of snow pancakes but, it's interesting. The pancakes sure look good and I'm getting hungry for some. Think I'll make some for my lunch, only gluten free.

Mrs.C said...

So interesting, if we get more this winter, we'll have to give this a try.

Sounds like you're enjoying your snowy days to the fullest!

Hugs to you!!!

Life In a Little House said...

Wow that sounds like a fun recipe ~And they look fantastic Enjoy ~Love Heather

odiie said...

As I was reading this blog this morning, it was snowing out. I asked my daughter if she wanted to try these and she made up a batch. They did get nice and fluffy. Were they good??? I don't know, they were all gone already by the time I went to try them.

Cheryl said...

We had snow pancake the last time our grandsons where here, it had just snowed. They always love to have them, they do turn out so fluffy and so good.

Cheryl said...

We had snow pancakes when out grandsons where her last week. They are always excited to have them, they always turn out so fluffy and taste so good.

Scrappy quilter said...

We do have snow however I am probably the only person who does not like pancakes.

Kelly-Anne @ Beautiful Girlhood said...

I've just discovered your lovely blog and such a cute header you have! :).
Snow pancakes sound so very interesting and delicious...what a great pity we don't have snow in this country! However, one day I hope to visit a snowy country and then I shall remember these and just have to try them out!
Thank you for sharing - I will be visiting again soon:)
Much love and blessings!



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